What is PC

Politically Correct.  What the hell is that?

Well, it’s not “political”.  It’s giving consideration.  It’s deciding to be a considerate human being.

People who hate PC say, “What, that isn’t PC?” when they’re saying something honest.  When they’re expressing opinion with swear words.  Except that’s not non-PC or un-PC, it’s honest opinion.

To be non-PC is to say racist or bigoted things.  That’s all.  You can’t say Polish jokes anymore without offending a Polish person.  You can’t say black baby jokes without offending blacks and, let’s be honest, everyone who isn’t a bigot.

You can’t say dead baby jokes… mostly because they’re seriously dark and tasteless … unless you have a strange sense of humor, and let’s face it, some of us need to lighten up.  However, you have to be mindful of saying those things in front of people who’ve lost their babies.  That is PC.  Mindful.  Considerate.  Just limit where and when you say your tasteless jokes.  They’re not non-PC.  They’re just dark and not for everyone.  OTOH, not all dark and tasteless jokes are the same.  You can’t make fun of people who’ve lost a child b/c that just makes you an asshole.

PC is not political.  It *can* be, when you’re saying something political, such as governmental or religious opinion.  When I hear the word political, I think of government.  Political refugee, political opponent, political prisoner.  Government.  When you hear that old warning about the “traditional” two subjects you’re supposed to stay away from in certain company: religion and politics.  By that measure, religion doesn’t fall under political, so if you’re a person who hates a specific religion for no reason other than ignorance, then you’re not non-PC, you’re a bigot.  Or an asshole.  Or a douchebag.  Or any other name you’d like to use as long as it’s negative.  That comment right there?  That’s an opinion, not a PC/non-PC titled opinion.  It’s opinion.

I’ve always thought that whenever someone says “we need to do away with being PC”, I’ve thought that they’re bitching about not being able to spout racist or bigoted slurs.

So you can’t say a bigoted word anymore?  Too bad. Suck it up and grow the fuck up.

That’s an opinion, however rudely expressed.  Being rude when cussing isn’t being non-PC.  It’s just using words that aren’t approved because someone at sometime said cuss words aren’t allowed.  I personally don’t give a flying rat’s ass.

So, in my opinion, be PC.  Be rude.  Be tolerant.  But don’t give me shit because you’re a racist or a bigot or just an inconsiderate asshole–or do, free country bullshit and all that–but “consider” the consequences of doing so.  And that’s another subject for another post.


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