Dear Progressive Berniecrats

I am so fucking mad at the Berniecrats at the convention. They’re staging sit-ins and yelling about how they’re never going to vote for Clinton.

So, they’re pulling a motherfucking tantrum b/c their candidate, a real progressive and non-corrupt politician, didn’t get the votes and delegates.  A shitload of voting machine /voting booth problems begat this primary cycle and we have to fix them.  NOW.  We have two and four more years to get it done.

And now, Bernie didn’t get there.  But he damn near did.

Well, what the fuck did you people expect would happen? You can’t expect a revolution to succeed the first damn time! You can’t win right away. It takes time!

So, you disgusting whiny bitches, you’re going to give the election to Trump. And why? Because Clinton is corrupt. WTF is wrong with you? You’d rather torpedo the goddamn country than vote for Clinton, a woman who has spent her life maneuvering herself toward a presidency.  So, you see her as a corrupt politician?  Well, compared to who?  She knows how to play the goddamn game that’s infected our system.  We can’t expect to change the system by stomping our feet and yelling.

WTF is the goddamn matter with you?

You CAN’T win the first time out. to repeat, change takes time! Pull your heads out of your asses and look at what’s happening!

Trump can actually win!

Do you fucking care? Do you?


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