Lakota Protest


This is Keystone Pipeline Part 2.  Over a thousand miles of pipeline that will run through three rivers, including the Missouri.

I think the Lakota could use some help from Greenpeace and other activists.  They helped stop the Arctic drilling.  Now let’s help the Lakota.

Why isn’t this on mainstream news? Because a) the mainstream news is owned by corporations who have money invested in the pipeline.  b)  Because the mainstream news doesn’t give a shit about Native American rights.  Keystone was political thru the Prez.  The North Dakota Pipeline isn’t.  White Man (no pun, Mr. Prez) Priorities.

Thankfully, the internet (with sites like Buzzfeed) isn’t.  The New York Times and other big newspapers need to get on this in order to stop the poisoning of water tables and the rivers that *will* result if the pipeline goes through.  ALL pipelines leak.  The stupid bastards who pay to put them in don’t know how to do it responsibly.  And hey, there’s that pesky “non-renewable fuel/methane causing” thing, too.

(photo borrowed from Buzzfeed.  Didn’t get permission.)


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