Libertarianism. Or, “What I have used to be yours.”

The Ayn Rand principle.

They say that they care about the Almighty Individual, but that’s a lie.  All they care about is their goddamn bottom line and ripping people off.  They’re greedy, selfish pricks.

Read the Libertarian Platform.  It’s filled with a bunch of things that say “Fuck You” to the notion of helping others.  Help Yourself; Fuck Everyone Else.  That’s their platform.

Public schools?  Gone.  Use “Charter Schools” instead.  Why?  Money.

Public Transportation?  Gone.  Use Uber or taxi services.  Why?  Money.

Government Assistance?  Gone.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  Why?  This idiotic notion that helping others means robbing yourself.  They don’t understand that not everyone has bootstraps.  This is yet another attack on people who don’t have financial security.  AKA, the low-income and poor.

Anti-Government, except for the Military Industrial Complex.  Oh yeah, feed that shit.  The richest zip code in the US isn’t Beverly Hills.  It’s a town in Virginia outside of Washington D.C.  It’s where the military contractors are located.

These people are Anarchists and Predatory Capitalists.

Sure, they think that abortion is a woman’s business, but only because they believe the rights of the individual supersede the rights of the community.  In many cases, that’s a damn good idea.  In many others, it’s exclusionary.

Me, Myself, and I.  Fuck the “We”.  It’s as if they’re all trying to act out “Anthem” in the most extreme way possible.  I’m sorry, but you can’t ignore the communal good in order to make yourself rich off their backs.  It’s immoral and unethical.

One day, Libertarians will look up into that dark gray sky from a mountain top far away from flooded coasts and drought-stricken valleys and think, “You know, maybe we should have put the planet first instead of ourselves.”

On the other hand, I’d just as soon they simply never get their way.  I’m a progressive, not a liberal.  I believe we need to help each other.  I believe my body is my own.  I believe my religion is none of your business and belongs only in my home.  I believe that we need to cut our military industrial complex by 80%.  The enormous amount of waste is mind-boggling.  We could give each American the money that’s wasted and the result would be a nation of *Billionaires.*  I’m not kidding.  There’s a program that (was?) designed to flood the radio airwaves in Florida with Anti-Cuban propaganda.  It cost 400 *million*.  You could ditch that program and pay every American a million dollars instead and still have money left over.  Especially if you leave out everyone who already has over a million dollars.

But the very idea would piss off Republicans and Libertarians alike.  We can’t give our fellow Americans money!  We have to use that for stupid shit or bribery or killing people.  Me, I’d give it to the people instead.  I’m not a Me, Myself, and I moron — except, you know, for looking out for my interests such as having an income, a home, food, etc.

But instead, there’s a ton of waste going into the pockets of corrupt bankers, corrupt politicans, corrupt lobbyists (aka, legalized bribery), corrupt corporations.

I understand this anti-government sentiment.  There’s a shitload of corruption.  On September 10th, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld made an announcement that said the Pentagon arm of the Government had somehow misplaced 3 Trillion dollars.  Trillion.  Misplaced.  Instead of focusing on that incredibly horrifying fiasco, everyone forgot about it because the towers were hit the next day.  And suddenly we had a bigger war budget and a new arm of the government called Homeland Security.  And still, that money was missing.  The Bush Admin then went and “lost” several million somewhere in Iraq.

So … what if we had, instead, given the American people that money?  Just said, “Fuck it, let’s give to our people instead of to, say, oil interests and Halliburton.”  Oh no.  Can’t have that.  It’s better we paid off people and said we lost it.  Oops.  Silly us.  Thanks, Donald Rumsfeld, you fucking criminal.

The problem isn’t the government.  It’s the way that it is run.  See, that’s the problem that Libertarians and Radical Conservatives bleat about with their talk about reducing government.  They don’t want to reduce government.  They want to use government for their own ends.  They want to run people’s lives, tell them what to do, what to think, how to fuck, who to love.  That’s not “small government.”  That’s Totalitarianism.

In the 50s, we lost our grip on freedom with this bullshit “In God We Trust” crap placed everywhere.  Suddenly our money and patriotism were hijacked by morons waving bibles.  In the 60s, we tried to get it back.  It worked, until the Rich saw that the people were starting to be in charge and they had to put a stop that.

So along came the treason of Nixon, to which no one paid any attention to because “classified”, and a bunch more corrupt business men and politicians (same thing really) gained control by waving red herrings at people while they robbed their liberty and life savings.  Nixon committed treason by getting a foreign power to interfere with the election.

Reagan did it again in 1980 by undercutting Carter’s deal with Iranian hostages which resulted in a skewed election and Iran-Contra (which was illegal and anyone else would have landed in prison but the Prez did it so it’s okay).  Corruption thrived under Reagan.

What in the hell does this have to do with Libertarianism?  It’s the “I” principle in action.  Screw We The People.  There isn’t much difference between the Far Right and Libertarians except that the Far Right want religious rule (Sharia Law anyone?) and the Libertarians want money to rule.  What was that old joke?  Libertarians are Republicans who smoke pot.  Pretty much, except they lie about it.



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