That Effing TPP

Six Things to Know About the TPP

First and foremost, it’s a nightmare for everyone but corporations.  It allows corporations to sue the US Government if they don’t get their goddamn way.  Those that own the rights to the Keystone Pipeline are doing that right now because they’re whinging about all the damn money they’re losing b/c Obama did a strange thing and bowed to public pressure and nixed the deal.  So boo-hoo, the Corp is losing money.  Too goddamn bad.  They can afford it, the fuckheads.  They *should* be investing in clean energy and dumping the oil idea, the narrow-minded backward-thinking head-in-the-sand dickwads.  But no, they have to poison our planet instead with their hideous pipeline, knowing damn well that they don’t have the technology to keep it from leaking and poisoning the water table.  They don’t give a flying fuck that it’s a finite resource.  They just want their money now and fuck the future for the rest of us.  They don’t give a damn about their kids, their grandkids, and to hell with everyone else’s.

You know.  What with that psycho-nazi Trump and his hate machine infecting the country (that campaign will die but the hate will still be there infecting us), the corporations running our government, our ability to stop all this corruption, and attempts to stop climate change going headlong into a death spiral, our future is heading into war.  “The People” who want to move forward, who want to save the future for the human race, are going to end up having to throw a coup to get things done.  Bombs, fighting, the usual business, but aimed at corporations and those in our government who bow to them.  Alongside that will be Hate vs Love.  Wrong vs. Right.  Evil vs. Good.  It’s going to be very bloody ugly.

We already live in a dystopia.  It’s going to get a lot worse before those corrupt bastards are brought to heel.




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