Here’s a Trump future for you

Trump and Atlantic City: the lessons behind the demise of his casino empire

Want that bastard to become President?  The article by The Guardian shows you what you will get.

He rolls in, making loads of promises that he fulfills.  At first.  But when it actually starts to look like he has to do the hard work of making sure it continues to be profitable, he bails.

And that’s the primary buzz word right there:  profitable.

A presidency isn’t a business.  It isn’t a profit-run company.  A government isn’t a business.  It cannot be based on profits.  It dies when it does.  As our government is dying (being corrupt and not running correctly) now because so much of its CEOs (heads of agencies, congress) are bribed by corporations intent on making money off the American people’s backs (taxes).

Trump blasts all Mexican-Americans, insinuating that all of them (what Americans call Hispanics) are illegal and need to be booted out of the country.

That is thinly veiled language for racist-based cleansing of non-whites.  Middle-Eastern folk are next on the list.  Then African, Native American, Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino…

Religions will start getting the boot (aka, lethal harassment).  Anything that isn’t “Christian”.

You get the gist.

Now, none of this will happen without dangerous fallout, of course, because “real” Americans will not stand for it.  Most especially the targeted Americans.  If Americans don’t get off their asses and support Hillary Clinton (yes, it’s hateful, but we’re stuck with the lesser of two evils bullshit until we go out in droves during the primaries and nominate someone–like Bernie Sanders–who’ll actually command respect), then Trump will actually win.

That a White Supremacist could run this country is abhorrent.  It’s happened a few times before, you know, with the presidencies between 1909 and 1933.  Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.  The heyday of the KKK in the White House.  And what happened to America during that time?  Recession, recession, depression.  They can’t run a country.  It fails.

A Trump America will crumble, just like Atlantic City and every other business venture that idiot has had his hands on.

Please don’t let it happen, America.  Hillary Clinton will drag us down with endless wars, but Donald Trump will bankrupt us into oblivion where he’ll have sinister Carl Icahn to drag him out and throw the rest of us (Americans) into debtor’s prisons.  Trust me.  That will happen.

Next time, America?  Fucking vote for Bernie Sanders.


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