The Lies Being Told About the Clinton Foundation

From a Media Matters fact-check: Here’s the Real “Question” Raised by the NY Times’ Latest Clinton Foundation Flop:

The New York Times is reporting that the latest emails released by a right-wing anti-Clinton organization “raise new questions” about “whether people tied to the Clinton Foundation received special access at” Hillary Clinton’s State Department. But the information revealed in the article completely debunks that interpretation of events, showing that the people seeking “special access” were actually involved in Bill Clinton’s successful 2009 mission to North Korea that resulted in the freeing of two captive U.S. reporters, and their request for a special passport was never granted.

The Times is credulously reporting on “510 pages of new State Department documents” released by Judicial Watch, a conservative activist group with a history of engaging in dishonest activism, promoting conspiracy theories, and pushing false or misleading narratives that have driven the media narrative on Hillary Clinton’s emails. According to the story’s headline, the “Emails Raise New Questions About Clinton Foundation Ties to State Dept.”


I am seriously sick and tired of this constant bashing of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  Sure, it has its flaws with donations made from Saudi Arabia (a country we *need* to sever ties with), but everything the idiot “mainstream” media (not liberal, as conservative morons keep telling everyone) keeps blabbing about is dead wrong and deliberately misleading.

Enough already, you dipshits.  Try real journalism for a change.  You might, you *might*, be seen doing your actual job.






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