Blacks vs Cops: Slave Roots in History

Center For American Progress: The Intersection of Policing and Race

“Slave patrols and centralized municipal policing were both known for their brutality and ruthlessness. Over time and with the eventual passage of constitutional amendments outlawing slavery, slave patrols were officially disbanded. However, unofficially, remnants of slave patrols and their mandate remained very much in place. Much of the intimidation, violence, and murders of newly freed slaves and later their descendants continued unabated for decades, carried out by groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, which rarely faced punishment from local police departments. According to a 2006 FBI Threat Assessment Report, “the Ku Klux Klan is notable among white supremacist groups for historically having found support in many communities, which often translated into ties to local law enforcement.””


And the Presidency condoned, and sometimes engaged in, racial cleansing.


“In more recent decades, local police departments across the country have made positive changes. Advancements of technology, science, and social justice have affected law enforcement for the better. Policing originated as a responsive model and evolved into a proactive model with an emphasis on preventing crime. For example, instead of responding to gambling brawls or public drunkenness, we now have laws and policing procedures to curb such behavior.”
And yet there are assholes who lament about “liberal” laws:  Ultra-Conservatives who periodically engage in secessionist talk.  Secession is illegal, BTW, per our Constitution, which is why Lincoln went to war against the southern states; only a year or so later did it become about slavery.  However, the southern states wanted to secede because they believed that the government [some northerners in Congress] wanted to abolish slavery and slave owners/participants weren’t about to give up their cash cow industry.  (the anti-slavery meme in Game of Thrones reminds me of that)

Then there are Libertarians and others who think “small government” and “states rights” is the way to go.  It’s nothing but thinly-veiled racist language.

(image from <Modern Slavery>.  More info here: Anti-Slavery: What is Modern Slavery?)


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