Fox’s Misogyny Continues

New York magazine’s article: How Fox News Women Took Down Roger Ailes

A very long, but satisfyingly scathing, article.  It’s a wonder that women at the network haven’t fled in droves and shows that the culture of misogyny has infected their brains.

Megyn Kelly in particular.  She could’ve been a great reporter, but her suck-up to Trump after his hideously sexist comments lost her credibility and her continuance at Fox News only deepens that loss.  IMO, she needs to ditch that conservative attitude and stand up for herself and other women reporters–something that conservatives in general deplore.  Women are second-class citizens and that’s that.  At least she stood up for Gretchen Carlson, but that doesn’t erase the massive amounts of fact-free stupidity.

A smart person can only boggle at the sycophantic defense of Ailes by all of the men on the network.  Hannity, Hume, and O’Reilly are particularly fawning.  Again, the women should be leaving in droves but they aren’t.  I can only assume that they actually like their jobs more than they like being treated correctly.  What in the hell is the matter with them?  It must be their conservative beliefs, which boggle me even more.  How in the hell can a woman believe in an ideological structure that has built-in misogyny?  I can only assume that they’re collectively weak-minded and easily brainwashed.  Collective psycho-analysis (Jungian, not Freudian) is their only way out.  Greta Van Susteren in particular–although she just left.  Unfortunately, it’s because Ailes is gone.  Her support of him is mind-annihilating.


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