The Lop-sided Coverage of Clinton’s and Trump’s Charitable Foundations

Think Progress’s story: A Tale of Two Foundations — One of these is not like the other.

“The details of the case are even more unseemly. Florida’s Attorney General was considering opening an investigation into Trump University, which is accused of defrauding students. Bondi herself contacted Trump and asked for a political contribution. After a political committee associated with her campaign received the illegal $25,000 contribution, she decided not to pursue it.

The story has something that none of the Clinton Foundation stories have: Actual evidence of illegal conduct. In this case, not only is there concrete evidence that the Trump Foundation broke the law, but a formal finding of wrongdoing by the IRS.

And yet, coverage of the Trump Foundation, even in the few short days since the story of the IRS fine broke, has been scant. A search for coverage in the Nexis database, which contains almost all English language print and broadcast sources, found just 23 mentions of the “Trump Foundation” since September 1. That was vastly overshadowed by continual coverage of the Clinton Foundation, even though it was not the foundation linked to any illegal activity.

It’s worth asking why there is so much more interest in the Clinton Foundation than the Trump Foundation, even in the absence of actual evidence of misconduct.”


The reason is that there is evident collusion in the supposedly liberal mainstream media to attack Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation instead of Donald Trump’s.  News reports on this lop-sided coverage refuse to say what’s going on here.  So what form of collusion do I think is going on?  Roger Ailes’ forms of political bribery and/or blackmail.  Take your pick.  Think that’s a conspiracy nut idea?  Then explain this bullshit coverage.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  I don’t want to vote for her, but I probably will.  Jill Stein is getting scant attention and is being treated as a joke run.  Libertarian Gary Johnson is getting more attention, which is scary.  But.  Both of them are getting better coverage than Hillary is.


IMO, because Hillary Clinton is a strong, kick-ass woman (like Jill Stein, but she’s married to that idiot Bill).  The media is showing their sexist leanings and giving Drumpf (Trump’s actual family name) all their obviously skewed “reality TV” myopia that ignores issues and goes for the quick kill instead.

What the fuck.

They’re ignoring all of his failures and focusing only on the idiotic shit that flies out of his mouth.  It’s as if they’re purposely blind to the real issue: his complete and utter lack of knowledge about anything related to running a government.  He doesn’t know anything about democracy, our constitution, the laws, the policies.  Ask him to name the three branches of government and he’ll give you a blank look before accusing you of being a stooge for Hillary–as if that’s a bad thing.

Hillary isn’t helping the problem, given her own scant coverage of her own campaign.  She went over 200 days without a press briefing, preferring speeches to questions.  That’s bad.  Still, there are things she’s accused of doing that are flat wrong.  And few are calling out the media on it.

So again, why are they pulling this lop-sided coverage?  IMO, corporate somehow sees Hillary as a threat, which makes no sense whatsoever given all the warnings Progressives have been telling everyone about her being a corporate shill.  If she is, what’s with her peers pissing all over her campaign?  Hell, regular GOP’ers are flocking to her.  So where are all her “evil” allies?  Why aren’t they pulling out all the stops to counter this corruption narrative that should rightly be on Trump?

Collusion.  Because she’s Hillary Clinton.  A strong, kick-ass woman.  It has to be.  To claim the media has gone insane is simply not plausible.  Or provable.  Everyone in the DNC needs to talk to that moron running it and force them to go on the offensive.  Now.  Trump may be sliding in the polls, but that number can easily change if this bullshit continues.

The man’s a trainwreck.  Someone please tell the media that.


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