A Lovely Little Report About the CIA

The CIA tortured over a hundred people during the Bush years.  Everyone seems to know that nowadays.  Reads like a sound bite.  But it isn’t a sound bite.  It’s a Crime.  They committed crimes against the United States Senate, never mind foreign individuals.  The Senate Intelligence Committee–a committee that’s responsible for overseeing the correct running of all of our intelligence agencies (turns out there’s 16 of them, FFS)–was tasked by the WH (because Obama promised to end the illegal practice) to investigate the CIA’s torture program.

One of the committee’s investigators, Daniel Jones, was tasked to find out what the CIA did.  Problem was, the CIA didn’t want to cooperate so they dragged their feet.  They also forced the investigators to work at a satellite office of the CIA’s.  Normally that’s done at the Senate Committee’s secure office.  So things were already on edge.  Next, investigators were given a computer system to use that, the CIA insisted, was completely cut off from the CIA’s computer system.  Over time, they inundated the investigators’ computer with over 2 million files.  Million.  Now, during this time, a file called the Panetta Review was placed in the computer along with all that other data.  It was a 1,000-page Word document that completely summarized the torture program.  It wasn’t a final report.  It had a lot of commentary, notes, etc., and was named the Panetta Review because it was to be given to the new Director, Leon Panetta, because the man had asked for a report on the program.

Daniel Jones began to worry that the computer file would disappear.  Other stuff had been “mysteriously” purged, despite the fact that the system for the committee was for committee members only.  The CIA had to stay out of it.  They didn’t.  Jones took parts of the document in printouts to a safe at the senate building, intending to show the committee that the CIA lied about their assertion that torture produced results.  They knew it didn’t provide actionable intel but they did it anyway.  The CIA employs sadists.

Once the CIA found out about the document, they had a shit fit.  They had never intended for the investigators, and the Committee, to see it.  So who put the file in the computer?  Jones didn’t know.  But the CIA decided to go after him, not believing that one of their own could have been so stupid.  They began to through the computer looking for emails, then they went through other computers.  They had to cover their ass.

Panetta was then replaced by Brennan, who really went after Jones.  Eventually, they managed to fuck themselves over, but not before doing a lot of damage.

And President Obama helped.  Brennan was a favorite of his.  God knows why.  It makes me suspicious of him.  I’m already pissed off at him for the TPP and ramping up drone warfare.  Now he’s in bed with the CIA.  Shit.

Anyways, The Guardian newspaper has just released a three-part report on this crap.  Part One was Friday.  Part Two was today.  Part Three will be tomorrow.  Thank our lovely 1st Amendment that we can read about this.

Part One:  Inside the Fight to Reveal the CIA’s Torture Secrets

Part Two:  A Constitutional Crisis: the CIA turns on the Senate

Part Three:  No Looking Back: the CIA torture report’s aftermath






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