Clinton Foundation Redaction

I wrote a post a little while ago about how sick and tired I was about the attacks on the Clinton Foundation and how there was virtually nothing about the Trump Foundation and its illegal campaign contributions.

Turns out, I didn’t do my homework.  Mea Culpa.

And it turns out that while the Clinton Foundation does some good, it’s nothing compared its primary purpose as a slush fund for bribes by foreign individuals, dirty corporations (big banks, wall street, among others), dirty politicians (which is 98% of the Senate and House because they take contributions from the ultra-rich and corporations and do their bidding in return), and to pay people off.  That whole goodwill mission to North Korea, extremely necessary as it was, was merely a publicity stunt to appease a few progressive billionaires (yes, they exist; they pay their taxes).

I’m not going to give links to “proof” of my assertions because none of it is “provable”.  It’s not provable in the same way that you can’t prove that Trump bribed the Florida Attorney General to not investigate Trump University.  It’s just a coincidence that she stopped the request to investigate the so-called university after receiving an illegal donation of $25,000 to the AG’s re-election campaign by the Trump Foundation.  The illegal donation was noticed by the IRS and they fined Trump $2,500.  IMO, it should have been $2.5 million, using him as a warning to others.  You can’t change their behavior with slaps on the wrist, IRS.

So it can’t be proved.  Just like other instances elsewhere can’t be proved.  It just “smells funny”, ya know?  It’s not like they’d confess.  We could investigate these bastards, but instead, the American people are distracted with “morality” bullshit that’s been maneuvered to strip attack dogs of their teeth.  That dumbass shit that the former New York AG, Eliot Spitzer, pulled with his use of prostitutes.  That tidbit was revealed only because political operatives went out to find something they could take him down with.  They found that.  They did it because he had a penchant to go after corrupt businesses and politicians.  Other people who go after the corrupt have been similarly smeared and then vilified in the “press”.

So Paul Krugman is a shill for Hillary and detests it when she’s criticized in any way.  So he makes shit up.  I believed him because I based my opinion on what he used to issue opinions on ten years ago.  Turns out, he’s changed.  Damn shame?  Yes, but more to the point, it’s damn disgusting.


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