And Now The CIA Is Disappearing Copies of the Torture Report

There was a little-remembered report back in May (from Yahoo News, of all places) about how the Inspector General’s office of the CIA, their so-called internal watchdog, “lost” their 2 copies of the report.

“In May 2016, the CIA inspector general’s office destroyed its only copy of the classified torture report. The agency, Yahoo reported, claims the destruction was accidental and that a copy of the report is held elsewhere at Langley. Referring to the ongoing transparency lawsuit, CIA spokesman Trapani said the agency will retain a copy “pending the final result of the litigation”.”

They’re lying.

The report in **May**.  Senate Report on CIA Torture is One Step Closer to Disappearing, by Michael Isikoff.  A decent reporter, though why he’s now working at Yahoo boggles my mind.  Did someone blacklist him to other news outlets?

The general public seems to be unaware of this, never mind give a shit.  Trump sucks up all the oxygen in the newsrooms.  They’re going to regret this by January, when that dumbfuck loses and starts Trump TV in an attempt to steal business from Fox News.  He’ll succeed, taking away the most extreme of its viewership.  It’ll be Alex Jones on TV.  It will also fail a year later, like all of his businesses.


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