Populism is *not* Donald Trump and Company

Hightower: Dear Media Elites, Here’s How You Have Trump Completely Wrong

“Populism – a luminous term denoting both an uplifting doctrine of egalitarianism and a political-economic-cultural movement with deep roots in America’s progressive history – has been routinely sullied throughout 2016 by elites misusing it as synonym for ignorance and bigotry:

When right-wing, anti-Muslim mobs in a few European nations literally went to their national borders to block desperate Syrian war refugees from getting safe passing into Europe, most mainline media labeled the boisterous reactionaries “populists.””

Finally.  Someone has spoken up.  Jim Hightower, to be specific.  He has an organization and website called “The Hightower Lowdown: Dispatches from the Populist Rebellion“.

One article at the website is entitled: “White progressives must join with people of color to expose and confront Donald Trump’s coded racism.”

It’s a typical thought in populism.  Deny racism and every other xenophobic and bigoted belief and political view.  It is also a view toward the corporate elite intent on destroying the common people, unions, public schools, government assistance, and other progressive systems.

So enough with calling Trump a populist!  He’s not.  He’s a rich bastard who is, like many of his ilk, a narcissist who will run you over and not stop.  He is not on your side.  He’s on his own, and he will willingly destroy America just to line his pockets.  He doesn’t believe in us.  He believes in whatever gain he can get while stomping all over everyone else.  The man is a master manipulator and a conman.

He’s also a dumbass.  He’s no smarter than Louie Gohmert, a Texas member of Congress, specifically the House of Representatives.  He’s famous for being the most stupid member of government.  Trump equals that stupidity, but he’s seen as more intelligent only because he knows how to manipulate people better.  He learned it from an early age.

Have you ever learned about the children of “rich people”?  Specifically, billionaires?  They’re sadly ill-prepared persons who haven’t learned how to tell right and wrong and don’t give a damn about it when they get older.  They will hurt others without remorse and that too gets worse the older they get.  They become sociopaths.

To label this man a populist is as ill-considered as calling a chimpanzee a pacifist.


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