This is what it looks like when a corporation takes over a college

Long Island University faculty’s union contract was up on August 31.  The President of the University then told the teachers that they had no choice but to agree to the sub-standard new contract, which cut their pay and security.  If they didn’t agree, they would be locked out.  This was never done before under other Presidents.

So the teachers set to discuss the contract but before they had a chance to do that, the President and University Board locked them out anyway.  Their pay was stopped and health care cut off.  Students try to go to class but there’s either no one there or there are people there who’ve been hired as scabs that aren’t qualified to teach the classes they’ve been assigned.  In response to this, the students themselves staged a walk-out.

I don’t understand why the University Board and President are legally able to do this.  This tells me that “corporate interference” is okay.

Other schools had better be put on notice.  Perhaps this couldn’t be possible at USC or Harvard, due to their faculties’ and students’ leverage power, but it shouldn’t be possible at all.


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