TV News is deliberately avoiding Fact-Checking Trump’s Lies and Shady Business Behavior


How the Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security

Trump has ripped off people.  Currently, it’s happening in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, where he hired “temporary” Mexican and Polish immigrants (the latter is currently demolishing a highrise in Lower Manhattan without proper construction protections and improper pay) to work at his hotels, paying lower than minimum wage.  If they complained, they were sent back to Mexico and Poland and someone else took their place.  Above board, he’s refused to pay vendors, “American” workers.

The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston tells you a lot more.  Trump threatened to sue him if he didn’t write nice things and Johnson told him to forget it.  Read it.  It tells about a long history of racism and con jobs.

Trump bullies people, including those who work at TV news organizations, to not confront him on his lies.  His philosophy is revenge, to abuse people, to walk all over them.

Why isn’t he being told to fuck off?

When he went to Flint, he was invited by a black pastor to attend a traditional black church there.  The pastor wanted Trump to listen to the problems of the citizens there.  But instead, Trump goes off about Hillary Clinton.  When he wouldn’t shut up and listen, he had to told to leave.  He can’t do things for other people.  He has to do things only for himself.  It’s been reported in the press, The Hill, and on CNN.  Neither news site told what was really happening.  They only aired a small clip showing the pastor interrupting Trump and acted as if the pastor was being rude.  Instead, they focused on Trump having the goddamn nerve to tell her and the congregation that the people in charge (Governor and reps) didn’t know what was going on.  I mean, c’mon.  Everyone knows that isn’t true, but did CNN or The Hill talk about that?  No.

What the fuck, people?  Do your jobs, media!  Most of the people on CNN and MSNBC (we won’t discuss Trump Media, aka Fox News) are purposely avoiding all of the bad shit this dude does.  They won’t correct his propaganda spin doctors (aka, campaign managers) and the shit Matt Lauer pulled makes me think he’s in love with the bastard.  Or he owes him money.  Or he’s being blackmailed.  It’s how Trump operates.  He’s sue-happy, so people without power cower before him.

KTLA, the TV station in L.A., did a blurb online about it, telling people a little more, but they stupidly called the man a mogul.  He’s not a fucking mogul.  He’s a con artist who pals around with criminals, dictators, and despots.

Sad thing was, the pastor didn’t tell Trump that he was wrong.  If she had told him, do you know what he would have said?  “Oh no, no, they didn’t know, they didn’t know.  I know these people.  They’re very good friends of mine.”  Instead, the pastor defended Trump, as a guest invited to the church, against those who were heckling him.  She should have known better than to invite the bastard.

He bald-face lies to people in front of the cameras and the goddamn people covering it–those in cable news and large corporate-owned newspapers–won’t call him out when he lies.  They won’t call him out on his illegal campaign behavior(soliciting foreign donors), illegal Foundation behavior (paying bribe not to investigate his university scam), illegal business practices (low wages, unpaid bills, and filing bankruptcy to get out of having to pay the people he hired, protecting a drug trafficker who does him favors (supplying helicopters for his Trump Tower and other high-rise buildings).  The modeling agency was just a cover for prostitution.  I’m not kidding.  That’s not a whacky conspiracy nut job idea.

Where are the news people in Atlantic City and Las Vegas?  Lower Manhattan?  Did they suddenly develop McCarthyitis and are afraid of some sort of blacklisting?  Yes.  It’s thanks to corporate ownership of those media outlets.

People need to be told who this sonofabitch is.  If Hillary had any sense she’d spend every campaign stop and presidential debate hounding him on all of his bullshit.

But alas, she’s spineless.  And doesn’t take the bastard seriously, just like the DNC/DCCC.

And who the hell reads articles online anymore.  We’re fucked and it’ll be our own goddamn fault if he wins.




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