A War Hero’s Reminder About Trump’s Immigration Plan

Sept 13, 2016:  This Is Our Flag

Thank you, wounded American Veteran, J.R. Martinez, for your important reminder.

His mom:  “In the early 1980s, a young woman fled civil war in El Salvador. She had two daughters, my sisters, Consuelo and Anabel. Anabel was born with a disability that left her unable to walk. We don’t know what her disability was called because there were no doctors in her village.  In war-torn El Salvador where a US-backed, funded, and armed military dictatorship routinely employed scorched-earth tactics, the locals had a name for what they were doing: sacar el pez del agua.  ‘Remove the fish from the water.’  My mother Maria had a choice; stay put and pray, or make the desperate move to find the resources she needed to help her small family survive.”


After a few years of being an “illegal”, and having been forced to leave her daughters with her mom in El Salvador, she was forced to stay in the U.S. after being told her daughter Anabel had died.  She couldn’t risk going back.  She didn’t “go on the public dole”, despite what racists like Trump want you to believe.  She couldn’t, for one thing.  She was given work to clean a Houston hi-rise.  Illegal work, paid under the table.  So she’s chucked out of the country but the people who hired her get to stay?

She became a naturalized citizen–after paying U.S. Immigration several *thousand* dollars to do so.  It’s a fucking scam to bilk immigrants.  There’s a reason we have so many “illegals”:  They can’t *afford* to naturalize.  If they could afford it, do you think they’d remain undocumented?


J.R. says:

“We have a politician who has written off Mexicans, an entire group of people, as drugs dealers, killers, rapists. He tells his followers to be scared of Hispanics because they are here to take our jobs and our safety. He talks about building a wall. He talks about deporting 11 million undocumented individuals living in our country, many of whom have been here for decades. He even talks about changing our U.S. Constitution making it so that people like me, the children of undocumented individuals, would no longer be U.S. citizens even though we were born here.

He has normalized xenophobia and bigotry against Hispanic Americans. Children of Hispanic heritage in schools across the country have reported being subjected to new taunts and abuse, to chants of ‘build the wall’.  How long before my daughter hears those taunts? She had her very first day of school just yesterday. How long before one of her classmates tells her to go back to where she came from, even though she is a citizen, even though she is from nowhere else but here?”


To repeat:  Trump wants a constitutional amendment that would strip the citizenship of children of undocumented immigrants and sent back to “where they came from”.

The Amendment would never happen.  “Lawyering” would inevitably show that it would apply to nearly everyone.

  1.  African Americans whose ancestors were slaves would have to be chucked out because slaves were never naturalized since they were “property”.  It’s a favorite complaint by white supremacists.  “Go back where you came from.”  The African continent, generally, since not many African Americans are able to know what country in Africa they came from.  Racists are so stupid.
  2. Millions of white Americans would have to be “sent back where they came from”.  My grandmother, an Irish immigrant from Canada, never naturalized.  My mom is dead, so would her ashes have to go back to Canada?  My sisters and their kids would also have to leave.  I would have to leave.  I’m far from being alone in this.  Those who went through Ellis Island are okay, but many from Europe did not.  Many Irish immigrants were denied citizenship way back when due to an anti-Irish/anti-Catholic bigotry that was pervasive throughout the late 19th-century/early 20-century.  The same for anyone who was Greek, Ukranian, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, “Persian”, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, etc., etc., etc.  Basically anyone who wasn’t from England, Scotland, Italy(et al, which was interesting since most of them were Catholic), Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland(now Netherlands), Portugal, Hungary, Austria.  AKA, “whites”, even though those from Eastern Europe and Russia (before it became the USSR, then absolutely no communists–except for those that were useful to the government).


Who’s left?

Native Americans.  Oh, and Rich Whites who bought off government officials–aka, “paid” to become naturalized.


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