Finally: A cheat sheet report on Trump

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

It’s in The Atlantic, but still.  First Newsweek, then The Atlantic.  Will TIME and The Wall Street Journal please step up?  Everyone seems to be ignoring the “lesser” read outlets, never mind ignoring anything in freakin’ *print*.  Seems all the “regular” folk don’t give a crap unless it’s on CNN or Fox News.  WTF, people?  Start reading.

Mind you, all his die-hard fans won’t believe a word of this.  But then, misogynists, racists, bigots(no, racists and bigots aren’t the same thing; the former is based on race, the latter is based on religion/sexual orientation/non-religion[atheists]), and most conspiracy theorists (like Alex Jones)  are enormously stupid people.  Stupid, as in “of sub-par intelligence”.  Those who have changed their opinion on hating others were stupid, but they somehow regained their intelligence.  Which means (IMO) that their stupidity was taught, not inherited, and their intelligence “woke up”.

Update:  I found an article in Time on his undocumented worker case, put out on Aug 25, so that’s something.


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