The hack of Colin Powell’s email was ILLEGAL.  The subsequent printing of his personal, private opinions is a violation of privacy. YOU and the Media should be ashamed! What, you can’t express your personal opinions anymore?  I doesn’t matter if he’s a public figure.  You have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  If he can be violated, and then have the media and private citizens up in arms about what he said–in private–then the public has no business condemning the NSA for its email surveillance of American citizens.

I repeat:  This hack was ILLEGAL and printing his comments are a VIOLATION OF PRIVACY. I’ve written the following in the Comments section of various publications:

“You should not have printed what he said. His rights to privacy have been violated and you are furthering that violation. What you say in private is private. His personal opinions have no relevance unless he’s talking about the illegal war under Bush or the illegal torture conducted after 9/11.

Stop printing this violation of privacy! (No, I don’t like him. It doesn’t matter. Privacy is privacy.)”

The same goes for everyone talking about what he said!  STOP IT.


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