We Live in a Rape Culture, Whether You Admit It or Not

Let me preface this article by addressing any man-boy (or brain-washed woman) who objects to this:  Fuck You.

940 women in sororities and co-ed fraternities (seems like an oxymoron to me) at the University of Pennsylvania wrote an open letter to the University members (and others) condemning the rape culture that persists on college campuses and specifically calling out an off-campus group who, yearly, targets freshman women with misogynistic poems that invite them to come to a party called Wild Wednesday.

They began this protest by posting flyers all over campus.



This is the first I’ve heard about this poem and protest.  I should have known about this back on Sept 6th, when it was reported, but I didn’t.  I don’t get my news from the mainstream dipshit corporate-based media.  I get it online from various reputable sources: The Guardian, The Intercept, Talk Media News, Democracy Now, Medium.com, Think Progress, Media Matters, Aljazeera, The Nation, Mic, Ring of Fire, Southern Poverty Law Center.  I watch the news via The Young Turks on weekdays.  Even the Young Turks didn’t report on this.  Rape culture indeed.

What’s the solution?  Switch from a patriarchal society to a matriarchal one and center it on egalitarianism.  How long will that take?  Only a few thousand years.  We didn’t get here by accident.  Patriarchal tribes murdered the matriarchal ones, so now here we are.  And instead of watching out for our society, making sure that the progressive values of the Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter administrations continue, we allowed ourselves to get bullied by warmongers and chest thumpers.  They are, by the way, corporatist, and they’ve subjected our country to a debt that will take generations to get out of.  If We The People ever allow that.  We have to elect Progressives.  Not Democrats.  They’re just as corrupted as the Republicans.  Almost all of their ambitions aren’t to help the citizens of the United States of America.  It’s greed.  There are only a handful who are bent on taking corruption out of our government.  You know who they are, and you have to give them kudos for swimming upstream, trying to work within a system that’s bent on kicking them out.  Ask Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  They have high stress levels.  So would you if you had to put up with the road blocks that their leaders and heads of agencies are daily throwing up in their faces.

We are fucked.  We did it to ourselves.  Sure, a few of us elected the right people, like Sanders and Warren.  But we’re still blind.  Distracted.  Uninformed.  We don’t want to deal with “politics”.  We elected people to do that for us, but most of them aren’t interested in looking out for us.  Only their own bank accounts and perks.  Republicans (and most Democrats) don’t want us to get universal healthcare, yet they get it for the rest of their goddamn lives, a perk for serving as our reps.  Well, golly gee, aren’t we generous?  They sure as fuck aren’t.  Why don’t they want it?  Because Big Insurance pays them to prevent it.

We sat by and allowed the government to reduce the tax code for corporations and increase tax loopholes to a point that now the individual taxpayer is responsible for 99% of the tax revenue.  We sat by while our government put judges on the Supreme Court who would make sure we gave corporations more give-aways than they allowed the American people.  We sat by while the Supreme Court was stacked with corporate lawyers who inevitably made it possible for our elections to be bought and paid for by the ultra rich.

We sat by, consumed by our paychecks, our health, our TV shows, Hollywood movies, and tabloid scandals like OJ (which then brought us that fucking catastrophe called Kardashian) and ignored the fact that our government allowed giant takeover mergers of cable companies, phone companies, news organizations, pharmaceutical companies, agriculture companies, and oil and gas companies to monopolize the market so that suddenly, we have very few choices.  That’s what’s called Free Market Enterprise.  You have to understand one thing:  “Free” means free of regulation and free from responsibility.  We sat by and allowed these new mergered companies to halt manufacturing and ship the jobs to other countries.  Bush ran up our debt and went to China for a loan.  Now every damn thing is made there and sold back to us.

Remember those anti-trust suits in the 90s, where Microsoft was being attacked for supposedly monopolizing the software market?  How Bill Gates was being sued by the government because his company was taking control of a bunch of small software companies?  The government supposedly won, making sure Microsoft didn’t do that.  But guess who spearheaded those government suits?  Presidents and Congress men and women with stock in Apple, who is now larger and more monopolizing than Microsoft.  You see, when we weren’t looking, our senators and representatives were passing laws about lobbying, making bribery legal.  So now, 98% of them are bought by Big Cable, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture(Ag).  Where the hell do you think those monikers, “Big”, came from?  Because our government let the mergers go through, just like Obama just allowed another one:  Bayer bought Monsanto.  Whatever happened to the outrage for Microsoft?  Greed happened.  They were paid off.  Does anyone remember when AT&T, formerly IT&T, was forced to break up because they were monopolizing the market?  What happened later?  Bribery got legal.

Comcast and Time Warner control the news we see.  GE, a major owner of NBC Universal, sold out to Comcast.  Now the corporate fucks at Comcast control our news media on NBC-owned networks.  Mormons at CBS control their interests.  Who owns ABC?  Disney.  Fox?  The Murdoch “empire”.  And what do they care about?  Ratings.  Why?  Because We The People are goddamn sidetracked by bullshit whipped up by corporations who tell us what we’re supposed to care about.  And those who work in TV news?  We don’t have Cronkite and Brinkley anymore.  The lead reporters aren’t journalists.  They’re “personalities”.  Rachel Maddow used to have a program on the defunct Air America radio, which reported on all the shenanigans our government was up to.  Now she’s a lackey.  She and others care only about their enormous paychecks rather than tell Comcast to go fuck itself.  A perfect example is this Trump airtime.  Ratings.  No questions, no truth about this con artist who has bilked everyone he’s ever worked for.  He hasn’t paid his own campaign staff, for fuck’s sake.  Is the cable news media telling anyone?  Hell no.  They’re a) not allowed, and b) don’t give a shit enough to risk their jobs in order to tell half the country that they’re being lied to!  Trump:  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  Only a lot worse.

What the hell does this have to do with Rape Culture?  Well, for one, Trump is a notorious misogynist.  And because these corporations are conservative in their politics, which means they don’t give a fuck about treating women equally.  They buy judges who let rapists off the hook.  Only 1% of all rapists brought to trial ever serve sentences.  Of those, most sentences are light.  Why?  Because we live in a Rape Culture that minimizes violence against women.  Our Republican congress refused to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.  They attack Planned Parenthood under the guise of religious belief–which is against the constitution, BTW–but it’s really about controlling what women do with their bodies.  They don’t give a shit about the lives of fetuses.  If they were pro-life, they’d care about those babies after they were born.  They’d be marching after human traffickers, the pedophile networks, funding the hell out of The Center For Missing and Exploited Children, who tracks and goes after those pedophiles.  They’d be against the death penalty.  They’d be anti-war.  But they’re not.  Why?  Because they’re misogynistic greed-based hypocrites, that’s why.  It’s the patriarchal system.

We are warmongering assholes with low attention spans.  For cryin’ out loud, our government has our military all over Africa, “teaching” so-called governments and rebel factions who then turn around and commit atrocities and conscript child soldiers.  The public isn’t being told this, either, because corporations run our military.  Is that conspiracy shit?  No.

Why are we in these endless wars?  Why aren’t our so-called solutions (like Kerry trying to stop the fighting in Syria) working?  Because there’s no profit in peace.  I repeat, there’s no profit in peace.  Run a Google search.  You’ll find out.  (Which is amusing since Google is in bed with the corporatist government and now part of the problem.  Use Bing instead.)

War is profit.  War profiteering used to be against the law, but Reagan and Cheney brought it back into “fashion”.  Our government sells guns to Saudi Arabia (and many others), and the Saudis then use them to kill rebels in Yemen, many of whom are goddamn children.  The Saudis are also number one in crimes against women:  genital mutilation, death for being raped, eternal servitude, prison for those who rebel.  That’s also what it means for “orthodox” religion, be it Islam, Judaism, or Christianity.  So-called conservatism.  All of them oppress women and treat them as property.  That isn’t a sweeping generalization.  It’s just sadly true.

War is also misogynistic.  In the Democratic (ha ha) Republic of Congo, raping women has become a *routine* political tactic.  How do I know this?  Because there was actually a TV program about it back in May.  The Vice network, available on cable in some areas, has a program called Woman.  Men, the ones who are backward, consider it a show on “women’s issues”.  Rape isn’t an issue.  It’s a fucking crime.

So how do we stop all this shit?  Have we fucked ourselves beyond repair?  No, but it’s going to take a long time to get our societal system out of the clusterfuck we’ve put it in.  It’s the only way to remove this Rape Culture.  It isn’t pie-eyed or idealistic.  It’s reality.  We have to live in it.  Either get a damn conscious or admit that you don’t give a flying fuck.


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