You May Not Like Her, But Vote For Hillary Anyway Because the Alternative is a Literal Nightmare

This guy at nails it:  On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know …

And this post is for everyone who plans to vote for Stein or Johnson.

To sum up:  You hate Clinton.  You’ll protest her nomination by voting for Stein, or even worse, Johnson.  Honestly, read the Libertarian platform: anti-government assistance of any kind, anti-union, anti-worker, pro-anarchist, pro-free market predatory capitalism.  Libertarians believe in one thing:  self-interest rules above all else.  Fuck helping others; help only yourself.  How can you believe in that and call yourself a decent human being?

This is not the election for a purity vote.  Are you actually going to allow a deplorable human being to set up shop in the White House?

IF the Senate and House are not retaken by Democrats, the hateful ideology of the current Republican party will explode into an all-out war against decent people.  Any one in Congress who doesn’t play ball will be ostracized to the point where they will be forced to resign.  Think that’s nonsense?  It’s this bastard’s ideology!  The people he surrounds himself with are worse!

For fuck’s sake, he started this Birther bullshit.  It was a blatant racist attack and all the blind Americans thought he was just being silly.  Are you fucking kidding me?

If the GOP retains control, Trump will make sure that:


  •  Muslims are murdered, which is the inevitable outcome of racist attacks–kicking them out of the country?  Making them register?
  • A national registry for “undesirables”.  How long before you become an undesirable?
  • His racist ideology makes laws that will attack everyone who won’t worship him.  That goes for Jews, Blacks, Women, and every minority out there.
  • He said that women who have abortions should get jail time.  Women who have miscarriages will be automatically suspected of self-abortion and thrown in jail.    WTF?
  • Mexican-Americans will be assaulted and/or murdered, thanks to his “stop and frisk” mentality and this deportation idea.  He praised Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback”, which committed crimes against the Geneva Convention when it rounded up a lot of Mexican-Americans and threw them into “deportation” stations that were nothing short of concentration camps.
  • The Supreme Court will get nominees who are unqualified and all-out racists and bigots who will trash the Constitution.
  • He’ll trash the EPA, the FDA, all protectionary government regulations.  If you like to have healthy food in the supermarket, that will end, because those pesky food regulations are going to get eliminated.  He’s said so.
  • To bring back torture, thus committing a war crime.  To torture the families of suspected terrorists, thus also committing a war crime.

On and on and on.  He’s the modern-day Hitler, and that’s NOT hyperbole.

Vote your “conscious” if you wish.  You’ll be handing this country into the hands of a narcissist who can’t tolerate anyone contradicting him, criticizing him, openly defying him.  He doesn’t pay his employees fair wages and some he won’t pay at all.  Venders and contractors involved in building his hotels (and formerly, his casinos–FOUR bankruptcies.  Four!  He got them because he made his money, then elected to bail out and leave taxpayers footing the bill for all the taxes he refused–and still refuses–to pay) are suing him for unpaid services.  Former Casino workers aren’t getting paid.

He has no morals.  No ethics.  He is a tyrant.

Do you really think that the country needs to hit rock bottom in order to get out from under the weight of the oligarchs and corrupt bankers?  You have no business making decisions for other people, and that’s what voting is.  You’re not just voting for who you prefer.  You’re voting for what you think other people deserve.

Vote for Hillary.  Then on day one of her presidency, we progressives hold her goddamn feet to the fire. (We can’t do that with Trump; he’d have us arrested.  If you think that’s nonsense, you have your head up your ass)

Then convince Elizabeth Warren to run in 2020.

Do you want a refresher course on all the shit Trump has done?  Watch Keith Olbermann in his new gig at GQ magazine as the host of a new video series called The Closer.


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