Vaccinate the Birds

Despite his rather, to me, pie-eyed view of Hillary Clinton, Thom Hartmann does some good work in telling you about Corporate America and how they’re screwing us over and screwing us up.  In the following videos, he mentions it’s particularly bad when it comes to contaminating our food supply with salmonella.  It has a lot to do with Gary Johnson’s Libertarian platform.  Libertarians would do away with all environmental regulations.  It’s in their platform.  Make America a corporate state, not an elected one.

For salmonella, Thom points out that the UK/Europe has virtually eliminated salmonella poisoning, compared to several million cases in the US.  How?  Households in Europe/UK can keep eggs out on the counter and not in the fridge because all egg-producing farmers inject a salmonella vaccine into the birds, thus eliminating salmonella poisoning.

Strangely, I’ve seen this in action watching something as innocuous as Doctor Who.  Donna Noble’s mom and granddad have a basket of eggs sitting out in the open.  It’s standard practice so it goes into stage setting.

Farmers in the US aren’t required to vaccinate the birds, and thus their eggs, and thus refuse to on their own because their CEOs would lose a hundred dollars in their yearly bonus.  The vaccine is cheap.  But I suspect that the price would skyrocket if the regulations suddenly made farmers vaccinate chickens and turkeys.  But right now?  It’s cheap, and farmers still aren’t doing it.  Instead the EPA and FDA say they’re required to warn people to wash their hands and contact surfaces after handling, particularly, chicken, due to “possible salmonella poisoning”.  Well, vaccinate the goddamn chickens then!  Then we won’t have to get sick.  Non-corporate farmers don’t do it either, which makes me wonder WTF their problem is, too.  Milk is pasteurized.  Birds should have their version, which is vaccination.  NOT anti-biotics, NOT hormones.  Vaccinations.

Thom mentions this subject a few times during his radio shows.  Here are two of them:

Americans Get Tainted Food Because Corporations Won’t Pay To Prevent Illness:


What does Gary Johnson’s America look like:

The solution is to flood your senator and congressperson and the Dept of Agriculture with demands for creating a food regulation that requires egg producers (and meat producers) to be vaccinated (replacing hormones and anti-biotics, thus allowing us to naturally develop our immunities and not get hit with eventually ineffective human anti-biotics).  It’s bad enough that they’re not federally required to prevent e-coli contamination–only their profits are affected (like with Jack-In-The-Box and Chipotle) so they try not to drag carcasses through intestines and shit during the butchering process. (and for godssake, what does it take to wash produce before packaging it?  A bigger water bill, and OMFG, less money for stockholders and upper management, boo-fucking-hoo)  Still, e-coli pops up because most of them are like the pharmaceutical industry’s lax behavior for shortened drug testing trials:  they find it somehow cheaper to settle lawsuits than to encroach upon their bonuses.


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