Somebody Said It: We Have Treated Native Americans Like Shit for Over 500 Years

Lawrence O’Donnell, host of The Last Word on MSNBC, airing at 10 pm weekdays, aired an opinion piece called “the Rewrite”(a nightly ender of his show), on 25 September.  I’ve yet to see anyone but Erin Brockovich talk about what he said.

In summary, he explained in earnest and glaring honesty how we have screwed over our Native American brothers and sisters for just over 500 years.  How Trump has been whining about immigrants invading our country–something that the Native Americans have been subjected to for over 500 years.  Is anyone championing their causes?  Only a few.

The general TV media won’t cover the protest in North Dakota in great detail because it is a reminder of how our grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on, have carried out constant genocide of the people who lived here long before we foreigners invaded and implemented scorched earth policies.

Remember the tale of the so-called “Lost Colony of Roanoke”?  How the only clue to their “mysterious” disappearance was a Croatan word carved on a tree, “Croatoan”?  Well, they didn’t “disappear”.  They were starving.  They hadn’t had any supplies from England for over two years.  So they sought help from the local natives of the area: the Secotan.  Their villages included the Secotan, Aquascogoc, Dasamongueponke, Pomeiock and Roanoac, aka Roanoke, and Croatan.

“During the initial exploration of the mainland coast and the native settlements, the Europeans blamed the natives of the village of Aquascogoc for stealing a silver cup. As retaliation, the settlers sacked and burned the village.“(Wiki)

A typical tactic.  The Native tribe retaliated.  Sir Walter Raleigh, fresh from a looting in the Caribbean where he’d massacred many Natives and Spaniards, took a bunch of the colonists with him back to England.  The colonists brought with them tobacco, maize (corn), and potatoes.  Those three things were a hit, and further excuse for raiding the rest of the land of Native peoples.

The “Lost Colony” wasn’t lost.  They “went native” rather than die, but our white ancestors couldn’t have that be bandied about so they made up a tale that the colony just “disappeared” and spin doctors have been selling that stupid lie ever since.  Evidence is written at Wikipedia, strangely enough, on the page dedicated to the Roanoke Colony.

The descendants are around today, but many of them aren’t.  They were murdered by Andrew Jackson and others.

Every “war” the U.S. has been engaged in, except the Middle East, we went about helping the losers restore their countries.  Germany is a great example.  We’ve honored every peace treaty outside the U.S.  They were given the treatment that the Native Americans never got.  We’ve violated every single treaty our government has signed with the Native Nations.  Is it any wonder they don’t trust the FBI, the U.S. Army, and other government agencies who’ve been involved in wholesale slaughter and the imprisoning of Native Americans.

Our forefathers put them on “Reservations”, not to give them land but to keep them corralled, as if they were cattle.

You know the phrase, “Off the Reservation”?  How it denotes someone who has gone out of the bounds of normalcy.

It’s a Native American ETHNIC SLUR.  Like redskin.  Don’t use it.  Ever.  And the fact that the fucking NFL team refuses to change its name only highlights the contempt and disdain with which we treat the Native Americans.

Stop dismissing Native Americans and their rights.  They are owed massive amounts of reparations, something we have willingly given to other countries but never our own.  African-Americans are also owed.  Both are treated with contempt and hostility by police thanks to their insane training.

Enough.  Just.  Enough.  It’s time to grow the hell up and treat them as we pale faces would want to be treated.

Edited to Add:  Did you know that Trump had tried to sue the Native Tribes that are near Atlantic City because they ran successful casinos (something that they’ve gained the system to own since, you know, we don’t treat them with respect) and he blamed them for his own failed management of Trump Taj Mahal and other casinos?


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