Vote Johnson and You’re Progressive? You’ve Obviously Not Read the Libertarian Platform

The Libertarian Platform

It’s all about “Me, me, me.  Forget the help you want.  I’m in it for me.  You can go hang.”

(That’s Trump too, by the way.  He just doesn’t give a shit about ending programs like Social Security)

The Libertarian Platform has “Free Market” written throughout.  What you need to understand is that “free market” is code for Crony/Predatory Capitalism and Wall Street deregulation.  In fact, no regulations, including protections for our food.  Like to have poison-free food?  Forget it.  Companies and Corporations can do whatever the hell they want and if you get poisoned, too damn bad.  Salmonella, e-coli, listeria … they’ll all be covering our food because the protections that force companies to give us unmolded fruit, vegetables, and bread, and untainted meat, would be gone.

While there are a few things that Progressives would like, like gay rights, you can forget about abortion rights and the right not to be harassed at work.  You have to understand that most of the issues are anti-Progressive.  They’re selfish, money-driven ideas that would bankrupt the country and leave millions in poverty, never mind cause the deaths of a few million seniors because they suddenly had to live on the street and eat garbage.

Hyperbole?  That’s what would happen if you took away Social Security.  And it’s not just seniors.  Those with disabilities who’re unable to work will be out on the street too.

He would do away with income tax.  Sure, that sounds good, but our income tax pays for a lot of things we like to have, like roads, firemen, water and electric utilities, highway maintenance and building, mass transit, car licenses that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  We also pay for a lot of dangerous shit, like wars and war crimes.  But you can’t cut your nose off to spite your face.  That’s what Johnson would do.

He would do away with Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Veteran’s benefits, Educational Grants, and Social Security.  The money set aside for those things would go to Pentagon funding.  2/3 of our annual budget already goes to the military industrial complex.  He thinks that tuition will go down only if there aren’t any people going to college.  To force universities to lower tuition is anathema to the Libertarian platform.  They believe in “free market”.

Every service out there that we take for granted, like our water treatment plants and electrical transfer stations would be replaced by corporations whose sole responsibility is to pad their bank accounts.  They would begin massively overcharging on everything.  Think your electric bill is too high?  You haven’t seen what it could be.  Currently our local taxes pay for things like electrical pole maintenance and garbage pickup regulations.  Every small thing that makes our lives easier would be priced to the hilt.  Dystopia wouldn’t begin to describe it.

The government would no longer serve you–to the extent that it ever has, it would be worse.  The President would become someone like Duterte in the Philippines.  A dictator.

That’s Trump, too, by the way.  And he’d loot the government, bankrupt us, and then walk away saying “Fuck you, I don’t have to pay for shit.”

Johnson would do the same while telling you that it’s for your own good.  Read the platform.  It’s fucking scary.

So go ahead, ignorantly vote for Johnson because Bernie didn’t get the nom and the Dems in charge played dirty and fucked us all over.  Instead of forcing Hillary and her suggested cabinet to do things our way, you would hand the presidency to a man who can’t take criticism, lashes out at invisible enemies, believes in the same shit that Alex Jones does.  Johnson has no chance of winning, so your vote is a throw-away.  Meaningless.  Vote Your Conscious, Hillary said.  She didn’t mean throw away our future because you’re pissed off at the DCCC.

Are you people insane or just that fucking selfish and deluded?


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