The Definition of a Psychopath

“Technically, psychopaths aren’t legally insane.  They know the difference between right and wrong.  They are rational, often highly intelligent people.  Some are capable of great charm.  Indeed, the scariest thing about them is that they seem so normal.  Their pleasant personalities are just a show.  Underneath their masks of sanity, to use the famous phrase coined by psychologist Herbie Keckley, they are profoundly disturbed individuals.  The most striking feature of the psychopathic personality is his utter lack of empathy.  He is incapable of love, incapable of caring, incapable of feeling sorry for anyone but himself.  Other people are simply objects to be exploited and manipulated for his personal profit and pleasure.  As criminologist Edward Glover puts it in his book “The Roots of Crime”, psychopaths are outstandingly selfish, egotistical, and deceitful.  Nothing matters to them but their own needs.”

From The Serial Killer Files, by Harold Schechter


This is the textbook definition of a narcissist, a corporate CEO, … and Donald J. Trump.


3 thoughts on “The Definition of a Psychopath

    1. LOL Hardly. It isn’t selfishness that defines a psychopath. It’s lack of empathy. Most people have empathy toward someone, even if it’s just an animal. Someone or something is suffering and you feel sorry for it, want to help. The empathy is there. People who have absolutely none are categorized as psychopaths. Used to be considered sociopaths, but that is outdated information. Psychopath is “catch-all” phrase.


      1. Well, I don’t mean compared against themselves. I mean, on the scale of possible human characteristics. Using an average person as a measuring stick is like first covering that stick in shit and then throwing it through a mulcher that is ejecting into a sewer.

        Compare the average person to someone who possesses basic reasoning skills, social awareness, are self-aware, etc – they’re psychopaths. Their actions are barely planned, their goals are almost invariably base. Yes, they often feign quality of character, when in a social groups that coincidentally popularizes the activity, but so what?

        Somewhere around.. 70% of humanity are religious? And that’s the low estimate. So, that’s average. Therefore..


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