Do NOT Do a Protest or Purity Vote, Not in This Election

To use an old phrase coined by Joan Rivers, Can we talk?

Bernie Sanders should have been the nominee for the Democratic party.  He wasn’t because,

a)  Not enough people knew who he was.

b)  Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others in the corporatist DNC rigged the primaries and changed rules so that certain areas known to be likely Bernie voters were disenfranchised and so that independent voters couldn’t vote.  They couldn’t stand him because he couldn’t be bought.

c)  Disinformation about Bernie was disseminated with prejudice.  For example, vilifying “Democratic Socialist”.

d)  Bernie consistently polled higher against Donald Trump and every other Republican, Green, and Libertarian candidate.  But the DNC was run by people who were going to make sure that Hillary Clinton became the nominee, despite what polling said and despite all logic.

e)  Not enough people knew who he was and the DNC was going to make sure it stayed that way.

f)  The primaries are deliberately underplayed, made to seem as if they’re inconseqential.  They are NOT.  They’re vastly more important than the election itself because this is when We The People get to choose who represents the parties.

It is repeatedly touted about that Hillary’s popularity and trustfulness polls extremely low.  So how in the hell did she get the nominee?

Corruption, that’s how.  Money in politics.  That may be considered an overused phrase by some voters but it’s the root of the problem.  Bribery is legal and contributions (bribes) are out of control, thanks to the Citizens United result by the *conservative* majority and *bribed* Supreme Court.  That’s not hyperbole.  It’s fact.  I can’t remember where the info is to support that so it has to be, unfortunately, considered an opinion.

There’s a shitload of buyer’s remorse by voters because Hillary should have been beaten in the primaries.  Corruption is rampant in the DNC.  It’s also not a “liberal” party and hasn’t been for quite some time.  Progressive members have made sure it hasn’t gone completely Right, but it’s on its way and we have to stop it.  To do so requires us to be active in politics and we have to vote for Progressive candidates.

Millennials are at fault.  The rest of us are at fault, too.  We weren’t paying attention and now look at what’s happened.  The millennial vote is crucial and they’re so disgusted with Hillary Clinton that they’re actually going to allow Trump to become president.

Out of spite.

That’s right.  Out of spite.

Jill Stein and Gary Johnson have NO chance to become president.  NONE.  So why are people flocking to him?  Out of ignorance and childish tantrums.  Bernie didn’t get the nod so you’re going to vote for Stein?  You’re being Trump-like.

To vote for them is a disaster for this election cycle.  WHO THE HELL IS THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE AGAIN?

You CANNOT, in good conscience, vote for anyone other than Hillary in order to make sure Trump is not elected.

Yes, it sucks.  But it is OUR fault.  We let this happen.  We were not paying attention and Bernie Sanders lost.  Many got confused and allowed others to demonize “socialist”.  So now we are stuck with Hillary.  And we have to vote for her because to do otherwise is to allow Trump to become president.

It isn’t fair.  It isn’t right.  But it’s our only choice because we weren’t paying attention.

Trump is a loose cannon.  He bases his decisions on whoever has the most influence on his views, and he even ignores those people because his ego cannot tolerate being seen as taking “orders”.  He is irrational, childish, and a classic narcissist.  A psychopath.  He would put people in power who should never BE in power.  They’re dangerous.

And it’s OUR fault.  Do not vote for Stein or Johnson.  Plus voting for Johnson is an ignorance vote.  If you knew the Libertarian platform, you’d back me up.  Providing that you’re a Progressive, that is.

DO NOT VOTE FOR STEIN OR JOHNSON.  They can’t possibly win.  Our party system is corrupt.  So we’re stuck voting for Clinton.  We have to change it.  We have to get money out of politics and the only way to do that is to vote Progressives into Congress.  We need a lot of people like senators Warren and Sanders and Franken.  Then we can change things. is the way to change it.  We need an amendment to the constitution that forbids money to be used for political purposes.  We can do it if we put in the work.  To vote for Progressive candidates.

We don’t have Bernie as our voice in this election cycle and again, it’s our own goddamn fault.

Vote for Clinton.  The alternative is a nightmare.


Edited to Add:  Yes, I’ve repeated myself ad nauseum in this post.  It has to be drilled into a reader’s head that we have no choice but to vote for the Democratic nominee because we fucked up and didn’t pay attention to the Primary cycle.  If we don’t vote for Clinton, we are screwed.

Oh, and vote for Progressive candidates for Congress.  Please.


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