Clowns Just Aren’t Funny Anymore

Clown Sightings:  The Day it All Began

It’s Bizarre.  It’s apropos in a way, given the orange idiot running for Prez.

Ever since “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”, Stephen King’s “IT”, and John Wayne Gacy, clowns have been seen as horrifying, not cute.  Circus clowns and Ronald McDonald are “passe”.  In Wash State, we had a “clown” entertainer named JP Patches who starred in a daily morning children’s show, and he’s been off the air for a few decades.

Pedophiles love dressing up as clowns.  Hell, an episode of the hit show on CW, Supernatural, had an episode about a killer clown.  There are plenty of horror movies involved (not just Killer Klowns).  That’s not by accident.

I’ve always found them rather creepy, plus a bit odd with the “sad clown face” expression painted on some.  I never understood what was supposed to be so awesome about a clown.

Clowns just aren’t funny anymore.


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