Police Killings, By The Numbers

James Comey, FBI Director, says there aren’t any numbers to report to Congress about the number of deaths at the hands of the police.  He’s a lying sack of shit.  That statement only considers reports sent in by police departments.  You can’t trust the police to, pardon the pun, police themselves.

The Guardian newspaper, US Edition, has a page that shows the number of people killed by police, this year.  And per state.  It’s an eye-opening read.

One stat stands out:

More Native Americans are killed by police than African Americans.

So why aren’t Native Americans up in arms?

They are.

Then why isn’t it all over the news?

No one is noticing.  No, let me rephrase that.  No one in the media gives a goddamn shit.

The highest casualty rate among the states, per 1 million people, are California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona.  The north, mid, and northeast areas of the country seem to have the fewest.  California is by far the largest offender, and probably because it has the most people.

Until we retrain our cultural outlook, and especially our police, from viewing Blacks and “Indians” as criminals, as lazy and shiftless, as lazy drunks (respectively), we’re never going to change and reduce these numbers.


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