Don’t Vote For Gary Johnson

Waste it on Jill Stein, if you must, but for Millennials to throw support behind Johnson because he agrees with Bernie Sanders on a few things is Massively Ignorant on who he really is.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Libertarian platform is dangerous.  The man was governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 and during that time, this is what he did:

  1.  Froze the wages of government workers.
  2. Got rid of collective bargaining rights for government workers (like Scott Walker of Wisconsin).
  3. Refused to increase the minimum wage.
  4. Privatized over a third of prisons and would have privatized them all.
  5. Lowered the tax rate for the rich.
  6. Slashed funding for social programs, claiming it was for their own good.  People who needed help with food went hungry.
  7. Tried to implement a school voucher program but the Dem legislature shot it down.
  8. Pushed for harsher sentencing laws.  Meaning, throw all non-violent law breakers under the bus.
  9. Repeatedly went over the head of the legislature to illegally award casino licenses to Native American tribes.  While that’s not a big deal since Natives need some way to lift themselves out of the poverty that the government has herded them into, Johnson’s disregard for the legislature proves that he’d have equal disregard for Congress, especially if the Dems are in control(like they were in New Mexico).

If you read rave reviews for him by an outfit called the Cato Institute, don’t be fooled.  It’s a rebrand of Koch Industries.


Gary Johnson’s Hard Right Record

As Joseph T. Hallinan reports in his book on the US prison system, Going Up the River, Johnson accepted at least $9,000 in campaign donations from a prison company that ultimately won a state contract. By the time he left office, New Mexico led the country in for-profit prisons, housing 44 percent of its inmates in private facilities. Only Alaska, with 31 percent, came close.

New Yorker’s Article: The Libertarians’ Secret Weapon

National Review praised him as the “New Mexico maverick” and as a “Reaganite antitax crusader,” who cut income-tax rates, slowed the growth of government, and eliminated the jobs of hundreds of state employees.

The New Mexico Political Report’s article: How Gary Johnson Went From ‘Governor No’ to Third Party Icon

Two decades later amid the rise of Trump, it’s easy to forget how much of an outsider Johnson was.

“He was kind of doing it on his own and he was an unknown in the beginning, except that Big J construction, his company which he and his wife Dee ran, was one of the big contractors that built some of the private prisons,” Feldman said.

Read that last quote again.  He owns a company that profited hugely after he became Governor of New Mexico and privatized 44% of the prisons.  He is no better than Trump, who bribed an official in New York so he would get out of paying dozens of millions of dollars in real estate taxes.

This man wants to get rid of ALL federal regulations.  ALL of them.  Think about that for a minute.

Lastly, he thinks climate change isn’t a thing.  The Earth will eventually warm up.  Not, for example, tomorrow and over the next fifty years, but in a few billion years.  You know.  When the sun expands.

Sure, he smokes pot.  So did a few serial killers.  Doesn’t make him worth voting for.


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