Is That Misogynistic Candidate’s Campaign Finally Imploding?

Everyone is probably now aware of the tapes released on Friday that reveal Donald Trump to be the blatant misogynist that we Liberals and Progressives (no, they’re not the same) have been telling everyone for months.

Things he said to Howard Stern

Things he said to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on an Access Hollywood bus

Since Friday, a boatload of Republican senators(including John McCain), representatives, governors, and former officials have bailed on their support of the GOP nominee.

Well, it’s about fucking time.

What gets me is that,

a)  No one bailed on him after finding out about his financial catastrophes, but they bailed on him for making sexist remarks when they themselves are the height of misogynistic platforms and lawmaking.

b)  That most of his women supporters aren’t going to bail on him.  It seems that his racism tops misogynism in the classic tale of smiting nose to spite face.

c)  That John McCain didn’t bail on him after Trump offensively condemned him for being a POW, but sexist remarks did it instead.

In a stunning display of hypocritical behavior, it appears to be okay for everyone to bash women as long as it flies below the radar or placed in veiled language aimed at abortion rights, but the moment someone is caught on tape doing just that, it’s suddenly a case of getting caught with one’s hand in the cookie jar.

Boggles the mind.


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