Who Won The Debate? No One.

Did Trump Win the Debate? Yes, If You Ignore Everything He Said

The debate about the debate belies what took place over 90 minutes. Donald Trump’s performance was far outside the norms of American politics. The fact that people are even talking about whether he won shows how severely Trump has distorted American political discourse.

‘Nuff said.

Okay, not quite. (Edited to Add, aka ETA)  Forgot to add this:

In democracies, political opponents compete for votes until election day. Once a winner is declared, the losers concede, and the campaign is over.

In dictatorships, however, things can work differently. Political opponents are routinely jailed as the winner seeks to consolidate power.

Tonight, in front of tens of millions of people, Donald Trump pledged to jail Hillary Clinton if he becomes president.

Just a reminder that what he said was, by itself, cause for the RNC to withdraw his nomination.  They won’t do it because they’re so screwed up that telling his supporters to assassinate Clinton wasn’t enough to do it.  Now he’s threatening to throw her in jail.

And for what?  Deleting emails?  Then they may as well throw Bush, Cheney, the Joint Chiefs, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and others for being complicit in the deletion of *millions* of emails in order to destroy evidence of political tampering.  Add Romney to that list because he destroyed hard drives before leaving office in Massachusetts.

So why is it that Clinton is the only one who gets to go to jail?  Because she’s a she and because she’s Hillary Clinton.  A woman who doesn’t take shit from men like Trump.

Let’s also remind ourselves that the seriously right-wing head of the FBI, James Comey, (thanks Obama, for playing the GOP’s game instead of appointing someone with no political affiliation) had to come out and say that Clinton didn’t violate the law.  But being a Rethug, he had to “condemn her carelessness”.  Read: Bitch her out because she’s Hillary Clinton.  He and others aren’t bringing up the illegal shit that happened in 2006 by the Bush Admin.  Ten years ago is apparently too long ago.  Four years ago is okay.  As a reminder, her deleting emails *wasn’t* illegal.  Theirs was.  Yet who is being dragged through the mud?  Why?

Because we live in a highly sexist society, that’s why.  Inequality is a campaign point for a reason.


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