If I’d Been in the Audience at the Town Hall Debate…

The minute Donald Trump said, “because you’d be in jail”, I’d have stood up and said, loudly,

“Throwing your political opponents in jail is what Vladimir Putin does, not a president of the United States.”

I’d get the stink eye from the moderators and their security, but fuck it.

He’d probably say, “She deserves it.”(and deny that Putin does that when in fact he did in 2007)

“No, she doesn’t,” I’d say.  “She hasn’t committed any crimes and to claim otherwise is hearsay and defamation.  In case it escaped your notice, she was cleared of any wrong-doing by  the *Republican* head of the FBI.  Millions of TAX dollars, none of which you have paid, have been wasted on trying to get her thrown in jail, and all those efforts have failed because they were witch hunts.

“You, on the other hand, have been caught on video bragging about your criminal behavior.  In case it also escaped you but claiming to grab a woman’s crotch against her will, even kissing her against her will, is confessing to committing an illegal act.  That illegal act is called assault.

“Just to catch you up on what’s legal and what isn’t, which is something your parents should have taught you, it is *lawful* to act with consent.  It is *unlawful* to act without consent.  You have been investigated in the past for sexual harassment and assault and have then paid settlements in order to escape jail.  You are the one who should be arrested, not Hillary Clinton.”

Then I’d be dragged out of the room.  But I would be right.

And just to remind everyone who is so anti-Clinton, what she did was legal.  LEGAL.  Deleting 33,000 private emails isn’t illegal.  Deleting government email is.  Which is what the Bush administration did.  It’s what Mitt Romney did.

And no one said dick.

She’s being attacked, has been since the 90s, because she has dared to threaten the insecurity of patriarchal pricks in power.  She dared to be her own woman instead of the mousy little wifey of an American president.  There is only one other First Lady who has done the same:  Michelle Obama.  And troglodyte sexists hate her just as much as they hate Hillary Clinton.


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