Janet Reitman Nailed It

She writes political articles for Rolling Stone.  The latest:

Year of the Woman: How Women Will Take Down Donald Trump

The article is a sniper-shot at the truth of this election.  Misogyny is alive and well and condoned and enabled by millions, and it’s been born out by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

I voted for Bernie Sanders during the primary.  I did so because we need to get money out of politics and fix our inequality, and that includes misogyny.  But the DNC, not Clinton, played dirty, disenfranchised voters who would have definitely voted for Bernie, and Clinton got the nomination.  We almost did it.  But I was disgusted.  Not because she’s a woman.  I’m a woman.  I admire her for a lot of things, but this pandering to Wall Street makes me sick.  That said, I had a hell of a time bouncing between her and Jill Stein.

Until Trump got the nomination and his poll numbers actually went up, not down, after he made one ugly comment after another, turning the goddamn election season into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.  I knew that’s what would happen, but not to this degree.  I knew it when the first GOP debate was scheduled.  He’d take it over and turn it into a circus.  And he did.  And all those idiots on the stage, along with the RNC, let him do it.  They effectively shot themselves in the head.  But he was never taken to task by the “mainstream” media.  Comedians and online/paper journalists had to do it instead.  But who the hell reads that?  Thank the gods for Stephen Colbert, that’s all I can say.  Well, and the fact that I knew there was a reason I never liked Jimmy Fallon.

When it became obvious that Trump had a chance of winning, I put my support behind Hillary and told myself that we Progressives don’t have a choice.  This isn’t a normal election.  We can’t afford to do a protest vote or a purity vote, stomping around like a goddamn twelve-year old because we didn’t get whatever the twelve-year-old American kids drool about these days.

So Janet Reitman comes along during all this horseshit Rape Culture fuckstorm and says:

“Control was the point. Scowling, glowering, interrupting, Trump went for the jugular, using every nasty epithet about Hillary Clinton that he’d stored up during months of steady attacks: “liar,” “disaster,” “devil.” Threatening to undermine democracy itself, he promised to arrest and imprison Clinton were he to win on November 8th. “Believe me,” he warned, “she has tremendous hate in her heart.” It was a cringe-y, and viscerally personal, 90 minutes of televised harassment, artfully stage-managed by a TV star skilled at positioning himself for the camera in order to make every frame.”


Then… (referencing Anita Hill, HBO made a film called Confirmation, about her and the fucking shit that went down and he was confirmed anyway)

“That was some 20 years ago, but it’s worth remembering, as much has changed in America since we first met Clinton as a candidate’s wife in 1991, not long after Anita Hill made workplace sexual harassment an issue Americans finally had to reckon with. Hill’s graphic testimony that then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her sparked a national movement of women to run for political office. The signature wakeup call of the Hill hearings was the graphic image of a Coke can upon which, she said, he placed a pubic hair. It was an indelible image, illustrating in grotesque fashion, the daily indignities working women had to endure, simply because they’d entered the workforce.

“Pussygate” may, in some ways, be the Coke can of our era – a vulgar example of misogyny, not just exhibited by Trump, but by those who enabled and empowered those attitudes by doing absolutely nothing. And in some ways, Hillary Clinton is like Anita Hill, says socio-linguist and Berkeley professor emeritus Robin Lakoff. “Hillary is what comes next: She’s the ambitious woman who doesn’t just say it’s OK for a woman to work, but to work hard and seek the very highest office. And a lot of people are very, very scared of that.””



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