Thank This Election Cycle For Exposing the Misogynists In All Their Hateful Glory

Amanda Marcotte penned an article Thursday at, which I found yesterday at, entitled “Are Women People“?  It’s a question that’s been brought up, in sarcasm and disgust, because of a hashtag that started after Nate Silver at said that if it weren’t for women, Donald Trump would win in a landslide.  #repealthe19th, it’s called.  Take away women’s right to vote.  I’m serious.

It’s absurd, right?  For reality’s sake, it’s too late.  For reality over all, it’s obvious that it’d never happen.  Any actual congressional attempt at it would result in a civil war the first one would pale by in comparison, never mind the seats that would be lost come the next election cycle.

What this hashtag and Trump’s sex tape (if you’ll forgive me) have done is expose all those women-haters for who they are.  Do they not understand that Twitter can expose them?  That most of the women who’ve been groped by Trump have come forward because he denied that it ever happens/happened?  He’s getting the up-close-and-personal Access Hollywood edition of what happened to Bill Cosby.

Every single politician, in congress and out, that came forward *on behalf of their women*, declared that they were outraged.  Well, thank you so much, you condescending pricks.  You needed to have a female relative to condemn Trump’s comments?  I have news for you.  ALL of humanity has a female relative.  They’re called Mothers.  You can’t conceive of condemning something without adding a qualifier?  Jesus H. Christ, do you have any balls?  Are you so afraid of your manhood that you can’t just say that comments like Trump’s are intolerable without dragging out your “woman card”?

At the end of her article, Amanda says:

Women are more than a bunch of boobs and butts to be rated on a scale and discarded if we don’t meet the standards of some jackass. We’re more than baby buckets who will be forced to reproduce whether we like it or not. We aren’t toys to be picked up and played with by any man who wants it. Nor are we our father’s property, whose sexuality needs to be controlled so that we don’t lose our resale value.

Damn straight, girlfriend.  We are not property.  It’s an obvious phrase that I didn’t think required a second go-around but after experiencing this election cycle’s indecent exposure, I’m afraid women will have to reiterate it with a loud and angry vote.  And it also needs to be resolutely declared all across the down-ticket campaigns.  The misogynists, and this includes all of the self-hating women, need to get smacked with a clear message:  either change your sexist views and join the 21st century or suffer the consequences and get left behind.

“Feminist” has been a term that’s been dragged through the mud over the last fifty years, and that in itself should have told every goddamn person on the planet that misogyny is alive and kicking and it won’t go down without a fight.

Bring it, bitch.


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