Are You F*cking Kidding Me?

Amy Goodman, a longtime journalist who hosts The War and Peace Report on and was broadcasting from the Standing Rock Sioux demonstration and prayer site, filming the horrendous methods by the Pipeline corporation’s private security to attack peaceful protesters against the Dakota pipeline.  She then returned to work to continue her job of reporting the important news.  A few days later, the State’s Attorney, Ladd R. Erickson, filed charges of trespassing on her.

She returned to ND to face them.  They were dropped due to lack of evidence.  Then on Friday, Erickson filed new charges against her, for rioting.  Of all things.  But just now, the judge threw it out.  It’s obvious that this Erickson fuck uses his job to persecute people he doesn’t like and he’s clearly violating the press’s right to free speech.  I’m glad that the judge has some goddamn sense.

Today, she was broadcasting from Washburn, ND, home of the McLean County courthouse when the news broke that she wasn’t getting thrown in jail.

BUT.  The thing that infuriates me, aside from the obvious, is that on the grounds of the courthouse sits a marble monument … of the fucking Ten Commandments!  This is in clear violation of the 1st Amendment.  These people have no business putting a loud, arrogant statement regarding a fantasy about a predatory sky god on the grounds of a secular government office.


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