Have a Nice Cup of STFU

Over the weekend, a GOP office(empty), in NC, was firebombed.  A swastika and a message was spray-painted on an exterior wall on the building next door.  Message read: “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else”.

The GOP leader there said, and I quote, “This was an act of political terrorism.”  Their Governor, Pat McCrory, said it was “an attack on our democracy”.


So.  Firebombing an “abortion” clinic (re: women’s clinic like Planned Parenthood) isn’t terrorism, like we’ve been telling you fuckfaces for forty goddamn years?  It isn’t an attack on our democracy?  Those are putting words in their mouths, but the sentiment is exactly the same.  They don’t give a flying fuck when doctors and nurses and parishioners are murdered via gun, rifle, or firebomb.  Nor do they give a shit when a woman, and her fetus, is murdered in a shooting or bombing.  After all, she was there for an abortion, so she deserved it.  Even if she was there for a check-up, not an abortion.  She went to a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Now that some other ignorant fuckface has committed an “act of terrorism”, can we go back and reclassify those other crimes?   How about those bookstores with the name ISIS on them?  How about what happened to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords?  No?  Well, how about that for your stereotypical example of GOP hypocrisy.

Reprisals will follow.  You can bet money on it.


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