Voter Intimidation Will Happen On November 8th

The Nation news magazine:  Trump Is Encouraging Intimidation and Racial Profiling at the Polls

It’s illegal.  Back in 1981, the RNC mailed test ballots (not real ones) to residents in Newark and Trenton and the ballots were returned as undeliverable.  That meant that a) They had the wrong addresses, or b) The addresses were fake.  They tried to purge those names from the registration rolls and when that didn’t happen, they formed a “task force” and hired off-duty cops to patrol the polling sites in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods; specifically Newark and Trenton.

Police carried firearms at polling places and wore armbands reading “National Ballot Security Task Force,” while the RNC posted large signs saying:  THIS AREA IS BEING PATROLLED BY THE NATIONAL BALLOT SECURITY TASK FORCE.  IT IS A CRIME TO FALSIFY A BALLOT OR TO VIOLATE ELECTION LAWS.

Back in 1920, after women finally got their right to vote, they were intimidated at the polls, along with minorities.  Voter intimidation violates election laws.  It is overseen by the FBI and is thus a federal crime, not a local one.

Trump has told his supporters to hang around polling stations and make sure people don’t vote 10 times.  Which means that he’s never been at a polling station.  Ever.  It’s highly likely that he’s registered to receive an absentee ballot.  But he’s claiming there will be voter fraud.  The man’s an idiot.  You CAN’T vote 10 times.  Your name is on a voter list and when you get to the desk, you’re recorded as having appeared, then directed to a voting booth where you use an electronic device or have been given a paper ballot.  You CAN’T go back and vote again and you can’t try to vote at another precinct because your name is not on those rolls.

The only time there’s voter fraud is when:

  1.  A ballot is mailed to a dead person and some idiot has filled it out and returned it.  It happens when Public Records (death certifications) haven’t been cross-checked with the Town/City/County Clerk’s office.  It really does happen.  I got a ballot mailed to my address with my Dad’s name on it.  At that time, he’d been dead for 8 years.
  2. The DNC or RNC has suppressed the vote, engaging in deliberate disenfranchisement by:  a)  purging voter registrations, or b)  demanding a voter ID (a driver’s license or state ID).  I’ve been the victim of a purge when the Town Clerk’s office refused to count my ballot because my signature didn’t precisely match.  This is, in my mind, an illegal act.  Town Clerks aren’t handwriting experts.  And just because you sign your entire name or use an initial for your middle name doesn’t mean you should be struck from the registrar or have your ballot tossed in the trash.  This is the real Voter Fraud.  And yes, the DNC is just as guilty as the RNC, though the RNC violates the laws on a yearly basis.
  3. The Voting stations are so disorganized that they don’t have enough ballots, the machines are broken, or they weren’t given the proper ballots.  For example, a polling station in California was only sent provisional ballots, and provisional ballots are NEVER counted in California.  When they say otherwise, they’re lying.
  4.  Blocks are put in place to prevent registration.  For example, making up rules that state you need to register for a certain party by a certain date, and those rules are NEVER put out to the public.

Licensing offices (usually called DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles) in Voter ID states are instructed to refuse African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other “Minorities” (Whites are rarely refused) who don’t have a means to verify their citizenship–aka, a birth certificate.  People who have never seen their birth certificate, particularly those over the age 90 or those who’ve never had it to begin with, can’t get a replacement birth certificate because:

  • They don’t have the fee to pay to get it, which in my mind should be illegal.  It’s a tactic used against the poor.  I had to pay $65 for mine.  That’s a lot of money for someone who’s unemployed or unable to work.
  • Their birth certificate no longer exists.  This is particularly the case for rural residents of a town where the birth records have been “lost”, usually due to fire or flood damage.  In some cases, the fire damage is due to arson.  In all of those cases, all residents should be given waivers, but they rarely are.
  • Birth Records were purged before a certain year.  1915, for example.  It’s illegal, but it’s done anyway and then claimed as an accident.

As I said, Voter Fraud exists as Voter Intimidation or Disenfranchisement.  On November 8th, polling sites are going to be subjected to those insane Trump supporters who are claiming that they’ll assassinate Clinton if she’s elected (I’m not making a supposition; they’ve actually said that when interviewed at Trump rallies).  If the Secret Service is doing its  job–given recent scandals, that’s iffy–they’ll have those people located and detained, but that is unlikely since most of those threats come from CaucasiansThe excuse will be “Freedom of Speech”, and that’s typically used by people who don’t understand the caveat of yelling fire in a crowded theater when there isn’t a fire.

If the government agencies were smart, they’d have hired a lot of police to monitor the polling places–but this time, to discourage Trump supporters from intimidation tactics like the ones in 1981, or worse.  But alas.  Our governments, federal and local, refuse to take the “suggestions” by Trump seriously.  So it should be up to us law-abiding citizens to put a stop to it by calling the police when we see the harassment of those who’re standing in line.  This includes Trump supporters who are literally picketing polling places.  It’s illegal, and cops need to take it seriously.  Any attempt to intimidate a voter–aka, a member of a minority–should be treated with the same level of threat assessment as a terrorist.

Side Note:  IMO, the Secret Service should only be staffed by thoroughly-vetted active duty Marines.


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