A Real Billionaire On Meeting Donald Trump

Sir Richard Branson, owner and founder of Virgin and a host of other projects and businesses, wrote on his blog today about the time he’d met Donald Trump “many years ago”.

Trump had invited him to lunch at his Manhattan office (Trump Tower, one assumes) so Branson accepted.  Upon sitting down, Trump began a tirade about going after five people who refused to help him after a bankruptcy filing.  He didn’t talk about anything else.  Branson then offered advice, telling Trump that such a course would only harm himself, not others.  Branson said he left the lunch feeling worried about this man, who’s such a vindictive personality.

By contrast, a meeting with Clinton focused on issues, not going after perceived enemies.

How ironic, given all the paranoid bullshit spread over the years about the Clinton “machine” disappearing people, while Trump sucks up to Russian dictator Putin, who actually does disappear people–mainly journalists and political opponents, as well as having ties, personally and tangentially, with Russian mobsters.


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