Donald Trump, Domestic Terrorist, is the House of Horror We Built

Donald Trump, Domestic Terrorist: The Man Who Tried to Kill Democracy, and Why We Had It Coming

Calling Donald Trump a domestic terrorist isn’t even a metaphor. A terrorist seeks to provoke a society’s worst impulses and expose its hidden weaknesses, and Trump’s terrorist assault on our so-called democracy has done that brilliantly. He’s like a funhouse-mirror reflection of America’s overweening pride and vanity, deadly sins for which we are now being punished. He is the ugliest possible American caricature, made flesh. We told the world we were a free-enterprise meritocracy where talent rose to the top, and that guy became rich and famous. We told the world we were the exemplar of democracy, a light to all the nations, and that guy almost became president. We deserve Donald Trump, and we have an opportunity to learn from him. But if we believe that stopping him just short of the White House can make the problem he so vividly embodies go away, we will deserve whatever comes next.

This author is right on all counts.

I suppose the next thing to ask is how we fix our problems?  Get rid of corruption.  Simple, but not easy. The corrupt are masters of manipulation, succeeding to fool those of us who buy into the idea of voting against our best interests.  It’s patriarchal hierarchy.  We chose them to lead us, so we have to do what they say?  It’s a bizarre form of parenting:  Get abused and tell Mommy and Daddy that you like it.  Father Knows Best?  My ass.  Uncle Sam is a Serial Killer in a retrograde business suit.

(Here I would give you a long list of things that should be done, but in the name of brevity and the prevention of eye-glazing, I’ll refrain)

We deserved to get Donald Trump’s brand of paranoid lunacy.  It brought all of this country’s ugly prejudice out into the open and for the entire world to see.  We can’t put the genie back in the bottle so we have to figure out what to do about it.  We can’t bury our heads in the sand and wait out the coming storms.  If I may use the increasingly cliched phrase, Winter Is Here.


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