Climate Change, “Before the Flood”, and Hillary Clinton’s Carbon Tax Intention

Alternet’s interview with Fisher Stevens, the director of the new docu, “Before the Flood”:  The New “Inconvenient Truth”: Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Documentary Wants to Challenge Climate Change Skeptics

Excellent article.  The film will also air, fittingly, on the National Geographic Channel on October 30th at 8 pm.

One thing the film is promoting, in internet links at the end of the film, is a carbon tax.  You can go to and voluntarily pay a carbon tax yourself.

The most illuminating bit, as far as politics and this election is concerned, is the last paragraph where the director of the film says:

“Ironically, in the Wikileaks just released, it turns out that Hillary Clinton is actually for a carbon tax, but didn’t want it to come out. I have to say, I was really psyched. It made me love Hillary even more.”

Do you understand what that means?  Just because HRC doesn’t want something to get out into the mainstream, doesn’t mean it reveals something corrupt.  Follow the logic.  She doesn’t want to lose the bastards who are giving her campaign millions.  Some of the exposed “secrets” by Wikileaks aren’t bad news for us regular folk.  They’re bad news for the gluttonous corporations.

Just because she’s in bed with Wall Street doesn’t mean she isn’t playing them, isn’t planning to eviscerate them.  She’s one canny politician.  And for the record, she’s an advocate for universal healthcare.  She has been for her entire life.  Or did you forget history?  She was condemned and maligned for it, by the Senate(Dems included), during her senate years and lost her bid to get it done.  I think she’s going to try for something like it.  I hope she does and I hope it is aimed to effectively slash apart the problematic “Obamacare” and clean it up so it actually covers everyone.  Medicare for all.

Me, Pie-eyed?  No.  Just look at her good record as well as the bad (gigantic paid speeches, Foundation problems, Wall Street connections, for example).  And hold her feet to the fire after she’s elected President.


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