THIS is Voter Fraud

REVEALED: Wisconsin Clerk Limits Voting Near Campus Because ‘Students Lean More Toward the Democrats’

One more incident of voter suppression by a Republican.  They can’t win by fair elections, so they set out to scuttle them by removing voters from rolls, preventing easy voting for others, and gerrymandering districts that had previously been tallied as having a Democratic majority.

THIS is the real voter fraud.  It’s being called Suppression, but it’s Fraud.  The reasons for preventing a person from voting, or voting easily, are fraudulent.  Lies.  Look over there while we steal from you.  They pulled this shit with ACORN, using misdirection and false narratives (voter fraud voter fraud voter fraud), and people were too stupid to realize that a) Voter fraud doesn’t exist, and b) that ACORN didn’t do anything wrong.  The campaign against the poor and minority voters was in full swing.  Now, it’s too late.  ACORN is gone.  We rational people have only ourselves to blame for being conned and fooled.

Republicans can’t win without suppressing the vote.  It takes going to court for a judge to point out that what they are doing is unconstitutional.  That’s great, but it’s NOT illegal, and it should be!  So despite being told by a circuit court judge (or SCOTUS) to remove their Voter ID laws, the states that have enacted them are refusing to follow the orders.

Imagine if these scenarios were done by Democrats instead of Republicans.  The amount of screaming that would follow would be deafening.  But Democrats are a bunch of whiny little mice who have no balls to stand up for themselves.  We need a third party called Progressive, and I guarantee they wouldn’t be sackless.  The biggest voting block in the country is Progressive.  The Republicans know it, and so do the Democrats.  Which is why both are bent on excluding them, but the Republicans are more so.  We Progressives need to take over the Democratic party until the Two-Party system is dismantled and corruption rooted out and eliminated.  Kick the fuckers to the curb.

The college vote, for the most part, isn’t “Democratic”, it’s Progressive.  They don’t like being called Democrats because most Dems are just as corrupt as the Repubs.  The only Democrats worth a shit are people like Elizabeth Warren.  We need more like her.  If they put their minds to it, and joined with the rest of the “Millennial” voters, the college voters could help us Progressives win.  Problem is, students seem to think they don’t have a voice.  They simply don’t feel it’s worth upsetting the apple cart.  Horseshit.  The 60’s Activist Flower Children need to get off their asses and show them how.

Establishment Democrats have purposely infected the populace with the creeping notion that the Primaries aren’t important.  This is how Hillary Clinton won over Bernie Sanders.  The Millennials weren’t paying enough attention and now look at we’ve wrought.  The Millennials now understand that the Primaries are far from pointless and I guarantee that after this fiasco of an election cycle, we will see a lot more voting during the Primaries in 2020–providing that Progressive people like Bernie or Elizabeth are running.  We Progressives had better make sure there are.  We *can’t* get change if we’re not willing to make sure it happens.


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