Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Committed Any Crimes! Enough!

What have we learned about those HACKED emails?  The inner workings of the Democratic party.  Distasteful perhaps, but it isn’t illegal by any angle, never mind the fact that it pales in comparison to the inner workings of the GOP.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t committed a crime, now or in the past.  The Clinton Foundation hasn’t committed any crimes.  But let’s be honest here.  We are vilifying Hillary because she’s pissed off the Boy’s Club and she’s married to a serial adulterer.

By comparison, Donald Trump HAS committed crimes and instead of getting jailed, he’s paid people off (in the form of penalties and court settlements in order to escape jail).

If the SEC actually worked, the GOP con-didate (candidate) would have had his presidential run revoked and massive fines thrown at him for his *illegal* acts of eliciting money from foreign governments.  To have these charges dismissed on the grounds of campaign ignorance is nothing short of SEC malfeasance.

Let’s review:

Trump hasn’t released his tax returns, showing that he has something to hide.

He’s refused to pay his contractors by declaring bankruptcy after bankruptcy.  *Any normal person who declares bankruptcy gets their credit tanked for 10 years.*  Thanks to our unofficial Oligarchy (NOT a democracy), Trump still has credit and a shitload of money.

Trump routinely demands non-disclosure agreements from everyone connected to him, whether by personal or business relationships.  Only a criminal demands that you keep your trap shut.

Trump has used undocumented workers whom he refused to pay until forced to do so by a judge.

He uses foreign workers and materials, contradicting campaign “promises” of getting jobs for Americans.  When he rides in on a White Horse, telling people how prosperous they’re going to be (like he did in Atlantic City), he stays around for a bit, then he bails on them, refusing to pay contractors and employees and declares bankruptcy to get away with it.  This is a  *pattern*, not an outlyer.

He will go to court next month to fight criminal charges of the rape of a 13-year-old.  He has sexually assaulted women on a regular basis and bragged about doing so.  He’s a sexual predator.

He race-baits.  He gender-baits.  He religion-baits.  He has the support of the KKK and other Right Wing Terrorists.

He is a serial liar and routinely ignores facts in favor of his own disproven statements.

He ignores Intelligence briefings and refuses to listen to facts about Russia because he owes them money and has current projects in place to make more money.  The same thing can be said for Turkey, China, and other countries.

HE has *never* been subpoenaed to appear before Congress to answer for alleged criminal behavior despite the fact that he’s blatantly broken SEC and IRS laws.  By comparison, Clinton has appeared numerous times–despite the fact that no wrong-doing was ever found.

He is a Criminal.  He CAN’T be trusted.

By comparison, Hillary Clinton is condemned for being a dumbass about using a private email server.  She’s being vilified for unsubstantiated, as well as being cleared of, corruption charges by way of GOP manipulation of the public.

She’s the victim of numerous and baseless Witch Hunts.

She’s blamed for what the DCCC does and thinks.

She’s blamed for the DNC’s blatant bias against Bernie Sanders.

No evidence of criminality exists, but SHE’S the bad guy.  SHE can’t be trusted.


Hillary Clinton has been the victim of a 30-year old smear campaign and a considerable majority of the American people have been duped into believing constructed lies *despite* the fact that there is no evidence justifying this negative view.

Set aside the political quagmire that Progressives have been rallying against and look at the big picture.  Are you actually willing to be duped because of your disgust at the blatant corruption that infects the entire political system?

Now, consider what has happened over the last month.

  1.  Clinton is connected to people whose emails contained personal attacks on her character.  The emails revealed the inner workings of a political party.   Distasteful to a regular person, but unsurprising to people in the sphere of politics.  They haven’t revealed criminal behavior or acts.
  2. Trump has been revealed to be a willful liar, serial predator, and a thin-skinned immature man who throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.  He’s advocating violence if he doesn’t win the election.  He’s advocating voter intimidation on election day.
  3. The FBI director notified the public (via a corrupt congressman) about *unknown* emails discovered on a laptop owned by the husband of Hillary’s former assistant.  Their importance is unknown, but he purposely let the public think they were significant.  He’s known about the emails for a month and he purposely sabotaged Clinton’s election chances because of the successful manipulation of the public thanks to longtime-GOP trolls like Roger Stone, conspiracy nut Alex Jones.  What the FBI Director did is illegal, violating election laws.

The GOP can’t win unless they lie.  And the public is fellating these lies.


If Trump wins, despite all evidence showing he isn’t qualified (due to lack of experience and extremely flawed character) never mind that he owns a Get Out Of Jail Free Card, We The People will deserve what we get as a result.  We Progressives and You Disaffected will be subjected to a *massive* “I Told You So”.


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