Pro-Life? No, You’re Not So Back The F*ck Off

So-called Pro-Life supporters claim that the egg and fetus are fully sentient human beings and women do not get to decide if they terminate a pregnancy.

Let’s examine that.  Women don’t get to decide what to do with their pregnancies because some people think it’s murder. BUT.  After the child is born, it’s thrown under the “who gives a shit, it’s now “Your” problem” bus.  “We just want to make sure it gets born.  You then get to do whatever you want with it.”  Pedophiles must love you people.  So many children, so little time.

So basically, life begins at conception and ends at birth.  That’s not pro-life.  That’s pro-control in our misogynistic culture.  Not to you, with your willful blinders on.  You think we women have no choice.  My reproduction decisions are your business, not mine.


They (neocons, conservatives, GOP) say they want small government.  They don’t.  They want their version of government, within which they rule with an iron fist and an electric chair.  Fascism with a very busy Death Penalty.  After they get rid of Roe v Wade, they’ll go after women who miscarry and demand proof that it was a natural miscarriage.  It’s already happened in Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Pro-Lifers want to make it a law.

Hypocrites.  If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

Pro-Life isn’t Pro-Life.  It’s all about control.  They haul out religion as their reasoning, except that’s not reason.  It’s an excuse.  They don’t give a good goddamn about religion.  All of them break their commandments.  They’ll rush a mistress out to their private doctor for an abortion.  It’s okay for them.  Not for me.

So we women have control so the Pro-Lifers picket.  When they don’t get anywhere with that, they up the ante and harass.  When that isn’t enough, they bomb.  They commit arson.  When that isn’t enough for them, they murder.  Pro-Life?

Where are these Pro-Lifers when it comes to child abuse?  Pedophilia?  Child Slavery?  Why aren’t they putting all that fervor against women toward these massive assaults on children?  Why don’t they see to it that all children get fed?  Clothed?  Properly educated?

Why don’t they use their fervor to support The Center For Missing and Exploited Children?

Because they’re only interested in telling a woman what she can do with her uterus.  To repeat (ad nauseum):  This has nothing to do with the life of a fetus.  It’s about control.

They don’t care about the 12-year old girl who’s been raped.  Not only do they believe this *child* should have the baby, they believe that they have no business in caring for that *child* after the birth, even if the child is an orphan and has no support system.  It’s not their business at that point.

They don’t care about the woman whose fetus is deformed, or if it has a terminal condition and will not live long after the birth.  They don’t care if the woman’s life is in jeopardy and that she’ll die if she gives birth.  As long as the woman gives birth, that’s fine, and it’s then the end of their chosen *responsibility*.  Responsibility?  Control.  Their view is a leftover from years past when women were property and they’re holding onto it as hard as they can.

So to the Pro-Lifers, I say:

I am not property.  My uterus isn’t your property.  It’s none of you’re business what I do with it.  You have no business interfering in my decisions.  You act as if we women are actually *happy* to get an abortion.  WTF?

Listen up.  Women Do Not Want Abortions.  We aren’t lining up outside a Planned Parenthood or Women’s Clinic so we can get rid of the evidence of our falsely-labeled slutty lifestyle.  I repeat:  We do not want an abortion.  It’s the last goddamn thing we want.

When we believe we need one, it isn’t a cavalier decision.  It’s a horrendous one.  It also isn’t any business of the father’s.  He doesn’t get to decide if you carry a fetus to term because he’s not in the position of carrying it.  He’s consulted, situation-depending, but he doesn’t get the final say.  And this decision we make is the result of something we failed at:  using faulty protection or no protection.  We decide.  Not You.  Not Him.

What happens after that, Pro-Lifers?  Do you even know?  You have to recline on a stirrup bed and have a metal object shoved up your vagina and into your uterus and it fucking hurts (unless you’re put under, but that would make you stay at the clinic longer so many women skip the knock-out).  Afterword, we bleed like a sonofabitch.

The fetal tissue is either a) destroyed, or b) donated to science for its stem cells.  It is NOT sold.  Some of you Pro-lifers think it is only because you liken the fetus to a person and consider it on par with black market organ donation/theft.  It’s not a person, it’s not sold, and getting an abortion is None Of Your Business.

And then there’s the miscarriage.  NO woman on this planet, in her uncoerced mind, purposely finds a way to make her fetus abort itself.  It’s a shitload more painful than an abortion and a lot more painful than a harsh menstrual cycle.  It’s not something we plan or look forward to.  We hate it when it happens and to have you Pro-Lifers interfere and claim we did it on purpose only doubles the trauma.  Having a miscarriage is None Of Your Business.

So back the hell off or we will retaliate.  I’m not advocating violence.  That’s your bag.  We will, to use the common slang, get all up in YOUR business.  We know you have something to hide.

BTW, a message to Trump and his psycho supporters:  There’s no such thing as a 9th-month abortion.  It’s called birth, you ignorant fucks.


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