Yes, our voting system is rigged, but not by Democrats

From The Intercept:  Nine Ways the U.S. Voting System is Rigged

SYSTEM.  I repeat.  SYSTEM.

Not this election.  Not by Hillary or Trump.  The SYSTEM.

It IS true that Trump has been committing the crime (SEC rules violation) of voter intimidation by ordering his followers (not just voters but followers, which is the definition of a cult of personality) to intimidate non-Trump voters at the polls in order to scare them away from their voting stations.  But this is not rigging the system.  It’s flat-out criminal behavior, never mind that it defines conspiracy and Trump should be arrested for violating the RICO statute never mind the SEC rules.

Now, one of the Nine ways the system is rigged is particularly relevant to current opinion against the 1%:

#7.  The Senate

The Senate hugely magnifies the power of small states. Deep red Wyoming, population 582,000, has two senators. So does deep blue California, with a population of 38.8 million, 66 times greater than Wyoming’s.  That is so rigged!

The Senate’s ability to slow or stop change is why it was created in the first place. As James Madison, the main author of the Constitution, put it in 1787:

“Our government ought to secure the permanent interests of the country against innovation.”


protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.”

The Senate, Madison said, should be the part of the government designed to do this.


This is beyond despicable.  More relevant, it’s beyond sickening that We The People have forgotten this bit our founding history.  It’s not even presented in the History Channel’s mini-series, The Revolution.  One could almost claim a conspiracy perpetrated by the corporate media to steer clear of this particular fact about our Senate.

When someone says “the founding fathers”, you need to treat it as suspect–or slap the speaker upside the head.  Not all our so-called founding fathers were proponents of democracy.  Madison was a proponent of the oligarchy, which is a form of fascism–the few controlling the many.

As an Aside:  Washington and Jefferson, and perhaps Franklin–though he wasn’t in government–were also Deists, not Christians, and responsible for the part of the 1st Amendment where it states we should be free to worship who we want and not have a single religion forced on the whole population.  Old Imperial Britain’s Protestant majority bullshit was the main reason for this.  So when those moron GOP congressmen and senators claim the founding fathers were for a Christian nation, they’re talking out of their ass.

Anyway, the system itself is rigged.  Disaffected voters know this and it’s why we’re all pissed off.  BUT.  We’re not as pissed off as we should have been during the Dem primary season.  We didn’t make Bernie the nominee b/c we didn’t get off our collective ass and vote (personally, I did).  And now, we have two candidates whom people detest (unjustly due, IMO, at HRC), but not enough to have made sure they never saw the nominee podium at their respective conventions.

After this election is over, and if Trump has been defeated (pray), we will need to get serious about changing the system.  We can’t afford another election season like this one, and that includes mid-terms and off-years.


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