It’s Crunch Time

So … to sum up what happens on Wednesday … before the winner even has a chance to stop celebrating …

Trump has assigned Chris Christie to select his cabinet and other positions, like Attorney General, head of the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc.  What this means is this:  The dude who’s blamed everyone but himself for his litany of fuckups has assigned another dude who blames everyone but himself for his litany of fuckups.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.  Giuliani and Gingrich are going to get top positions and neither of those bastards should get anywhere near a WH job.  Gingrich is a mud-slinger who blackmails and sabotages.  Giuliani doesn’t know how to do anything but lie and tell everyone how stupendous he was after 9/11 when New Yorkers know differently.  He can’t get out of his own way and his memory has had apparent micro-strokes (like forgetting that Clinton was next to him the day after 9/11 when they went and “toured” the scene of the crime.  The bastard looked gleeful while Clinton looked shocked-IMO).  The man has the intelligence of a toadstool.

Clinton has assigned John Podesta.  Same fucking shit, different day, for the last 8 years.  BUT…  With Clinton I won’t have to worry about our Constitutional rights being in danger of going up in flames.  More personally, I won’t have to worry about my benefits getting cut.  With Trump?  It will literally be a doomsday scenario for four years.  To say half the country would be fighting his policies is an understatement.  That said, if Trump loses, 30% of the country will lose their shit.  They won’t fight policy.  They’ll engage in violent protests, like the losers they are.

I’m going to pray that Clinton wins and that those losers find some common sense and not risk getting their asses thrown in jail.  Then I’ll do my damnedest as a Progressive to fight her fucking corporatist views.

And you know, to hell with “reaching across the aisle”.  Dems need to find their fucking balls and issue their own orders for a change instead of slinking back to their beds with their goddamn tails between their legs because the big bad Rethugs went and yelled at them.  Boo hoo.  Please, let us have some sanity in the new year.  Goddess knows we won’t get any during the Lame Duck.


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