So You’re Undecided. Seriously?

Here’s a shocker:  Let’s forget about Trump for a second.  Instead, why don’t you consider what the Republican Platform entails.  Thanks to Alternet’s Steven Rosenfeld for enumerating the worst of the lot in an article entitled “50 Far-Right-Wing Proposals from the 2016 GOP Platform That Would Be on Trump’s Desk If Elected President.”

1. Tax cuts for the rich (so no different than their false-flag whining about Clinton; if she does this too, the Left will be after her like white on rice)
2. Deregulate the banks (one of the things that has the majority of Americans pissed off)
3. Stop consumer protection (yes, let’s predate the average person from fair treatment)
4. Repeal environmental laws (Dangerous ignorance; they’d risk killing us all)
5. Shrink unions and union labor
6. Privatize federal railway service
7. No change in federal minimum wage
8. Cut government salaries and benefits
(Do they even understand that they’re Government employees?  Yes.  But they get exemptions from the cuts)
9. Appoint anti-choice Supreme Court justices
10. Appoint anti-LGBT and anti-Obamacare justices
11. Legalize anti-LGBT discrimination

12. Make Christianity a national religion: “We support the public  display of the Ten  Commandments as a reflection of our history and our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage(lie; we were not founded by Christians–or Jews; they seem to forget that the Puritans were not members of the Founding Fathers nor were the majority of the FF members of the Protestant religion) and further affirm the rights of religious students to engage in voluntary (lie; it will be mandatory) prayer at public school events and to have equal access to school facilities.”

This is against the 1st Amendment to the Constitution that allows for the freedom of and from religion, which is designed to eliminate religious persecution.  The so-called Founding Fathers and the early settlers escaped Britain *because* of religious persecution.

13. Loosen campaign finance loopholes and dark money
14. Loosen gun controls nationwide
(They are madmen who don’t give a damn if white nutjobs commit mass murder)
15. Pass an anti-choice constitutional amendment (In other words, declare that life begins at conception.  It will force women to surrender control of their reproduction choices, effectively turning all of us into nothing more than chattel and walking incubators.  Miscarriages will then be suspected of being private abortions and only strenuous medical tests will prove whether the woman will go home or go to prison for “murder”; all miscarriage “material” will require a funeral–which aside from being stupid forgets that medical programs at many Universities have programs that allow people to donate their body to science.  If we can do that, and we can, then donating fetal tissue–unadulterated (non-aged) stem cells–to science is no different.)

16. End federal funding for Planned Parenthood: “We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned  Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide healthcare.”

First, this item is a lie.  PP can’t use their funding for abortions.  PP does not sell fetal tissue and tissue is NOT a body part.  Second, this is also an attack on the poor and low-income by eliminating a federal grant source for family planning–aka, birth control.  The GOP is rabidly concerned with what the poor or independent women do in the bedroom.  They must control their sex lives at all costs.  This is 16th century thinking and has no place in the 21st.

17. Allow states to shut down abortion clinics
18. Oppose stem cell scientific research
(except for Adult stem cells, which are far less useful because of the damage age does to oxidated cells.)

19. Oppose executive branch policy making: “We condemn the current Administration’s unconstitutional expansion  into  areas  beyond  those  specifically  enumerated,  including  bullying  of state and local governments (they oppose laws which criminalize discrimination)  in matters ranging from voter identification (ID) laws to immigration, from  healthcare  programs  to  land  use  decisions,  and  from  forced  education  curricula (aka, sex ed)  to  school  restroom policies.”

20. Oppose efforts to end the electoral college (they can’t let the people’s vote decide elections)
21. Require citizenship documents to register to vote (All other Democracies auto-register citizens at birth.  This item is designed to rig an election by preventing large swaths of the populace from voting.)
22. Ignore undocumented immigrants when drawing congressional districts
23. No labeling of GMO ingredients in food products
24. Add work requirements to welfare and cut food stamps 
(ironically reinstating Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform”.  This is just another attack on the poor.)
25. Open America’s shores to more oil and gas drilling
26. Build the Keystone XL Pipeline
27. Expand fracking and burying nuclear waste
28. No tax on carbon products
29. Ignore global climate change agreements
30. Privatize Medicare, the health plan for seniors
(fuck our old people; if they weren’t born into a rich family, let them live on cat food and cardboard shelters)
31. Turn Medicaid, the poor’s health plan, over to states (allow GOP-controlled states to refuse to offer aid to the poor)
32. No increasing Social Security benefits by taxing the rich
33. Repeal Obamacare
34. Give internet service providers monopoly control
(screw net neutrality and allow predatory capitalism structures to expand; eventually, only rich people will be able to afford going online, forcing the rest of us to pirate access.)
35. Make English the official U.S. language
36. No amnesty for undocumented immigrants
37. Build a border wall to keep immigrants out
38. Require government verification of citizenship of all workers
(Workers is the key word.  It means an attack on all Blue Collar job employees; if you don’t have a birth certificate, you will be kicked out of the country and it won’t matter if you’re white if you’re also poor)
39. Penalize cities that give sanctuary to migrants (“migrants” is a dog-whistle word that brings images of Mexican migrants working the farming fields, but in this instance, it means any foreign refugee fleeing persecution or war and being given a place to stay.  To be humane means getting slapped down for it)
40. Puerto Rico should be a state but not Washington DC
41. Support traditional marriage but no other families
(repetitive entry; they’re already covering that with anti-LGBT language in other items above)
42. Privatize government services in the name of fighting poverty (another anti-poor attack thinly disguised with “privatize” language.  “Privatize” means allowing a corporation to take over the governmental entity.  For example, no more Department of Education and no more Department of Health and Human Services.)

43. Require bible study in public schools: “A  good understanding of the  Bible  being  indispensable  for the development  of  an  educated  citizenry, we encourage  state  legislatures to  offer  the  Bible in a  literature  curriculum as an elective in  America’s  high  schools.”  (This is against the Constitution, so they will rewrite the 1st Amendment so that any mention of freedom of and from religion is removed.)

44. Replace traditional public schools with privatized options
45. Replace sex education with abstinence-only approaches
(this is a Puritanical method of thinking based on their religious views and should be against the law, but there’s a loophole in the 1st Amendment that does not specify religious view.  The GOP has been hijacked by religious fundamentalists bent on living in a fantasy and refusing to accept that abstinence-only education does not work)
46. Privatize student loans instead of lowering interest rates
47. Restore the death penalty
48. Dramatically increase Pentagon budget
(our budget is already 2/3rds Pentagon)
49. Cancel Iran nuclear treaty and expand nuclear arsenal (violates nuclear treaties with Western countries and would make the U.S. an enemy of everyone who has eliminated their nuclear arsenal–we *already* have a shitload of active nuclear weapons)
50. Reaffirm support for Israel and slam sanctions movement (dog-whistle lie; they are virulently antisemitic.  Protecting Israel is part of the Armageddon story which claims that after the Jews are murdered (if they don’t convert), the faithful will enter paradise on Earth.  They don’t give a shit about Israel.  They don’t give a shit about Palestine–especially because it doesn’t have anything to do with the Rapture.) 


So.  If you support these changes, there is something seriously wrong with you.





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