Dear DNC …

This is YOUR FAULT.  It’s not Bernie’s.  It’s not all of us who voted for him.  It’s YOU.

You corrupt bastards have torpedoed our democracy, all because you wanted to keep your jobs.

How’s that working out?

Bernie would’ve fired your asses and gone after corruption so that’s why you rigged the primaries through Sabotage.  It resulted in:

  1.  Purposely making sure TV news didn’t cover him.
  2. Controlling the narrative so Bernie came across badly.
  3. Refusing to have more debates.
  4. Sabotaging all other campaigns by people like him.

Now look at what you’ve wrought.  Our country will be led by an orange-haired demagogue who’ll shit-can all over our rights and turn our country into a hate machine dystopia.  Thanks for nothing, you spineless MFing rat bastards.


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