White Male Privilege: 1, Feminism: 0

Article at Alternet:  Yes, the White Male Anger that Fueled Trump’s Victory Was Real-But It Isn’t Valid: “Make no mistake, Trumpers are angry. What they’re angry about is the loss of unearned race and gender privilege.”


You couldn’t get a better spokesman for unearned male privilege than Trump. The man is lazy, stupid and deeply incurious, but he always speaks in this lecturing tone — with the perennial fingers pinched in the air — as if he were the preeminent authority on whatever topic he’s ignorantly bullshitting about. He talks down to women like Clinton, even though they are clearly smarter than he is.

He is fat and ugly and his hair is creepy and you know he’s never actually gone down on one of those pussies he likes to grab, but he feels entitled to have a model wife young enough to be his daughter, and who is terrified to smile all the way lest we see any hint of a crow’s-foot. He seems like a lonely person who has never really loved a woman. But he treats women like servants or property, and that has its appeal to a certain kind of man.

(Women, especially white women, go along with this sexism for complex and often deeply sad reasons.)

This can be tough to accept, but so are a lot of things that are simply true: Given the choice between improving their own lives and screwing over someone else’s life so they can feel superior, large numbers of Americans will choose the latter. They have found their champion in Trump, a man who has never found a bridge he wouldn’t burn and for whom vengeance is a way of life.








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