The Truth About Why There is Rampant Disaffection

“Be empathetic to the Trump voter.”
“Try to see their point of view.”
“Their job security is under threat.”
“Stop saying they’re racist. You just don’t understand them.”

Sigh.  First of all, 47% of the country ARE racists/sexists/bigots.  Second, their anger is egregiously misplaced and they’ve let agitators lead them by the nose about who’s to blame.
You want someone to blame?
Here is the truth:
1.  Greed has allowed corporations to move manufacturing to other nations for cheap labor. It is NOT the fault of Women, Latinos, Undocumented peoples, Jews, Gays, or the fucking Easter Bunny.
2.  The source of the greed is a complicated quagmire of corruption that begins and ends with our donor-driven elected officials.
3.  We The People have allowed ourselves to get distracted with bullshit memes about the “other”.
4.  We *know* our politicians lie.  It’s a cultural meme:  “All politicians are corrupt.”  “All politicians are liars.”
5.  WE let our politicians get away with it.
6.  WE are to blame for allowing our politicians to serve themselves, not us.  We have become apathetic.
7.  WE don’t engage in the politics of running our country.  By Voting.  By learning who these candidates are.
a.  “It’s such a pain in the ass.”
b.  “It’s boring.”
c.  “I don’t have time.”
d.  “They’ll do right by me so why do I have to do anything?”
e.  “It’s boring.”
f.  “It’s boring.”
g.  “It’s boring.”
Well, suck it up and get educated.
Our system is corrupt.  We placed blind faith in leaders and when they let us down, we did nothing.  How do we change it?
1.  Stop supporting political leaders who take money from “donors”.  i.e., Wall Street banks, billionaires, corporations, foreign governments.
2.  Elect Progressive leaders to Congress who actually look out for your welfare.
3.  Stop *blaming* the “other”.  The only “other” to worry about are those who care only for money and power.
  •  Gays are not trying to make you gay.  Lesbians are not trying to make you a Lesbian.  Transgendered people aren’t trying to force you to do anything.  Transsexuals (aka, hermaphrodites) aren’t diseased.  If you want a religious viewpoint, then consider that God made them just like he made you and anything written down in a religious book was written down by men, not God, and men are not perfect, they make mistakes, and they allow their prejudices to influence others.
  •  Latinos aren’t taking your jobs.  Their “sin” is that they speak two languages and you don’t.  Get over it or learn to speak Spanish or whatever other language that mysteriously upsets you.  They aren’t a threat anymore than gays are.  You have been lied to.
  •  Religion has no place in government.  What you believe isn’t what I believe and you need to accept that and move on.  Your god isn’t going to drag you to hell for it.
  • Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians are not trying to subvert you.  Except for Jehovah’s Witnesses. (sort of kidding but not really)
  • This isn’t 1690 or 1730 or 1840.  “Witches” are people, not demons, with a different religion than yours.  They aren’t trying to subvert you any more than Gays or Muslims.  Just stop and think.  Stop listening to the people who are afraid of their own shadows and lash out the minute they get scared of something they don’t understand.  If you are allowed to be different, so are they.


Here is our enemy:  Greed.

Corporate greed is the enemy.  Political greed is the enemy.  You want to have a good job and a decent wage?  Stop electing people who prey on your fears.  They care about their wallets.  They care about their power.  They don’t care about YOU.  They are sociopathic hate-mongers who will do anything to keep their money and power and you are not their friend.  They are to blame for taking our jobs and sending them overseas so that they don’t have to pay American wages and American benefits.

We need an Amendment to the Constitution that states our political system will only be financed through public funding.  That means you and me.  No corporations.  No billionaires.  Corporations are not people.  Money is not a person.  You have been spoon-fed bullshit.


Now.  To the White people (of which I am a member) of the United States of America:

1. You are not to blame for slavery.


Our country was built on it.  We have to deal with it and put a stop to racism.  It isn’t going to be easy because some of you refuse to accept that it’s wrong.  But it is, and it’s necessary to change in order to have a better future–if not for us, then for our descendants.  If you don’t give a shit about our descendants, than you are part of the problem, not the solution.

2.  You are not to blame for the Native American genocide and oppression.


Our country was built on it.  We have reservations.  Why?  Because our growing government and business leaders (aka, greedy billionaires and corporations) knew and recognized that we were interlopers.  We moved in on a land already occupied and thought we had a right to do it.  We didn’t.  Face that fact.  You won’t be vilified for it.

Our not-so-distant ancestors were to blame and our only part in this horrible fact is when we perpetuate the racist stereotypes and refuse to give them up.  One of the biggest examples is this bizarre resistance to changing the names of sports teams that have co-opted offensive slurs as “mascot” names.  It’s *wrong*.  Just accept it and change the fucking name already.  You have nothing to fear and no one will hang you for it.  There Is No Shame In Being Wrong.

3.  You are not to blame for being White.  That’s ridiculous.


You ARE to blame for accepting and perpetuating hatred of people who aren’t White.   They aren’t to blame for your problems.  They aren’t the source of your fears.  Lack of security is the source of your fears.  Brainwashing racism is the source of your fears.  WE are not the only skin color on the planet.  WE are immigrants to this country and descendants of immigrants to this country.  To vilify others for wanting to live here is not your right.  To vilify others for being refugees of war is not your right.  Don’t give me the tired old crap about freedom of speech.

4.  Freedom of Speech is a right we have been given by our Constitutional Amendment #1.


Freedom of Speech does NOT mean that you get to say anything you want.  You don’t get to yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire *without repercussion.*  Hate speech is poisonous and just as deadly as yelling fire.  You diminish yourselves for tolerating it or speaking it.  Exactly what is to gain for allowing it to flourish?  Answer: Nothing.  It serves no purpose.  Stop doing it.  Stop allowing it.

5.  Science is not your enemy.  Scientific research is a painstaking method of finding the truth of things.  When the majority of scientists tell you something, you should take them at their word until new evidence comes along that either furthers it or changes it.  Climate Change is real.  What on earth leads you to believe otherwise?  Why refute it?  It’s bizarre.  It’s real and it’s going to kill us if we don’t change.  That’s not something to fear.  It’s something to accept and move on to make our lives better.  What in the world is wrong with that?

To sum up:  Greed is our enemy.  Corporations are our enemy.  Corrupt politicians are the enemy.  The Rich who exploit us (and not all do) are the enemy.  Is it wrong to wish you were as rich?  Of course not.  But their behavior is not something to emulate.  If you are a good Christian, and many of us are good people no matter our religion, than you know that Greed is a sin.  Stop supporting it.  Let’s root it out and gain control.  We The People must do this in order to have a more perfect union.  Fear-mongers like Donald Trump and White Supremacists are con artists who personify Greed.  Let’s put a stop to them.
And last but certainly not least:
Women are not weak.  Women are not chattel.  Women are not property.  Women make up 51% of the world’s population.
Sexism is wrong.
Misogyny is wrong.
If you continue to belittle, condemn, harass, kill, assault, and vilify us, the time will come when we will rise up and put a fucking stop to it by any means necessary.  If you think that’s nonsense, then consider the “mood” of the world and the rebellions that are forming–just like this White backlash by racists, the disaffected, the ill-informed, and the misled, that has resulted in the election of a Greed-worshipping woman-abusing con artist.
As the cultural saying goes, this shit just got real.

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