Stop Using “Alt-Right”. Call Them What They Are

Read an article a few days back, I forget where, that stated the same demand-ish suggestion:


Why?  Because it sanitizes racism and bigotry and gives Nazis a 21st century upgrade that they don’t deserve.

And that’s exactly what it does.  It sanitizes.  Normalizes.  It’s bad enough that the corporate media dipshits are already normalizing Trump’s bullshit.  They don’t seem to understand that this disgusting precedent is not only inadvisable, it’s bloody dangerous.

There’s a reason why Nazis and their ideological descendants are the Bad Guys.

From an anthropological POV, there is nothing truly surprising about the return-rise of Nazi beliefs.  Before an ideology permanently dies, it stages resurgences in an attempt to return to domination, no matter how short-lived.  15 – 20 years in most cases but Stalinism took about 40 and Putin has staged a comeback–and sooner or later, the Russian people will put a stop to him.  However, to do that sort of thing–to oust a dictator–that unfortunately requires a violent uprising and successful coup.

Authoritarianism and its antecedents of Nazism and other domination/control ideologies are dying a slow death.  It can’t come soon enough.  But they’re like a dog with rabies.  It doesn’t know it’s sick and that it needs putting down, but it’s dangerous to society and needs killing.

So please, let’s not give them any help in their violent resurgence.  Call them what they are:  Nazis.  Skinheads.  To call them racists sort of defeats the purpose because we who oppose them are stating the obvious.  They need a more visceral name and Nazi will get the point across clearly.  The Nazi party from Germany no longer exists but its descendants are quite active.  We could call them White Nationalists but that sanitizes “White Supremacists”.

I don’t care what they call themselves.  They’re Nazis.  Call them what they are or we will be in danger of repeating history in yet another instance of failing to heed its lessons.


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